Sexy Valentine's Day

These Astrological Pairings Will Have The Sexiest Valentine's Day

by Valerie Mesa

Sure, Valentine's Day is known as the most romantic 24 hours of the year. However, that doesn't always make it the sexiest. Yes, there's a difference, and I'm here to talk all about it, using the astrological pairings that will have the most sexy Valentine's Day 2020 as examples.

It doesn't matter how compatible you and your significant other are. Valentine's Day is a mood and it's different every year. For instance, this year the moon will be transiting through smoldering Scorpio, which will totally intensify the energy, especially since the sun will be in a fellow fixed sign Aquarius. If you're wondering why this combination of astrological energies can be challenging — or the significance of a "fixed" sign, in general — it basically means Scorpio and Aquarius can be equally stubborn. Scorpio is fixated on its smoldering passions and, therefore, prefers to keep a low profile; Aquarius is emotionally detached and completely sporadic with its approach, which is why those born under this air sign are typically rebellious and unconventional. The moon sets the mood, while the sun inflates the ego, and these two energies only have one thing in common: They're not willing to compromise.

There's going to be a tug of war between your desire for freedom and intimacy, so good luck making the most out of this sun-moon square. Venus, planet of love and beauty, will be dancing through Aries and indulging its cardinal fires — but in the midst of this, it will eventually square off with the North Node, so there could be some decision-making taking place within your current relationships.

Long story short, there's a lot of sexual tension lacing the atmosphere, and these zodiac sign pairings will benefit from it the most this V-Day:


Taurus And Virgo: There's A Sensual Blend Of Earthy Goodness

Aside from the fact that this combination is nothing short of cosmic, both Taurus and Virgo will be experiencing similar feels this Valentine's Day. With the moon hovering over Taurus' committed seventh house of partnerships and Virgo's third house of communication, there's no doubt these two will be feeding off of each other, especially if they're open to the Scorpio moon's desire to merge and unveil what's hidden beneath the surface.

I have a strong feeling Taurus will keep their crush on Virgo a secret, while Virgo enjoys stepping outside their comfort zone in order to meet Taurus halfway. Also, Virgo's craving loads of attention right now and Taurus is looking for exciting opportunities.

Gemini And Libra: They Will Be Flirting With Loads Of Mental Tennis

This is dynamic pairing, and in typical air-sign fashion, the mental connection will likely surpass the mushy Valentine's Day romance. The Scorpio moon will intensify Gemini's orderly sixth house of due diligence and acts of service while it sheds light on Libra's pleasure-seeking second house of values and security.

From the looks of it, Gemini will secretly enjoy swooning over Libra's irresistible charms while showering them with compliments, and Libra will be completely fascinated by Gemini's resourcefulness and sparkling wit. Venus will be dancing through Libra's partnership sector and Gemini's friendship zone, which is lovely (as long as they communicate with one another).

Cancer And Pisces: They Have An Intense And Intimate Connection

This astrological pairing is equivalent to a magic carpet ride. With the moon illuminating Cancer's expressive fifth house of love, romance, creativity, and individuality, the sensitive crab will come out of its shell. Meanwhile, the moon will shed light on Pisces' expansive ninth house of travel, education, higher learning, and the unknown, which means they will likely be craving something exotic and spontaneous.

Lady Venus will be sitting on a throne via Cancer's 10th house of fame and Pisces' second house of self-esteem, so there will definitely be a number of passionate exchanges between these two. However, egos could also flair up during this time, so stay humble.