What Each Zodiac Sign Loves About Valentine's Day, But Would Never Admit

Ah, Valentine's Day. It's probably the corniest holiday of all time, and yet you can't help but love it. Who can resist hearts, candy, chocolates, and roses? Who still gets nostalgic about passing around Valentine's Day cards to every kid in class back in school? Even though it may be overflowing with clichés, what each zodiac sign loves about Valentine's Day is proof that secretly, everyone's obsessed with love.

Sure, everyone's least favorite thing about Valentine's Day is the way it showcases what's going on in your love life. If you're single, it could make you feel so alone watching other couples bask in the Valentine's Day festivities. If your relationship is unsatisfactory, you might feel obligated to keep up with appearances, making all the romance feel forced. I mean, come on, doesn't it make sense that so many people go through breakups around this time of year? At the end of the day, all that lovey dovey sh*t can feel more like pressure than something to look forward to.

However, it doesn't have to be so complicated. Why not let Valentine's Day be the day you celebrate all the love in your life? Saccharine gestures of romance aside, I'm sure you're surrounded by love. Why not simply enjoy Valentine's Day for what it is?

Aries: Proclaiming Your Love To Everyone


You love having an excuse to intensely and unabashedly let everyone know how much you love them. You'll shout it at the top of your lungs, write it on a big red heart, and spell it out with rose petals if you have to.

Taurus: Giving And Receiving So Many Gifts


With all the heart-shaped candy, sprinkled cookies, and colorful greeting cards, you can't get over the thoughtful and creative gifts that people give on Valentine's Day. It just makes you blush on so many levels.

Gemini: All The Lighthearted Social Excitement


You don't need to feel stressed out by all the emotional pressure of Valentine's Day because you love an excuse to get together and express your love through conversation. Your friends, lovers, and family are all invited.

Cancer: Cozying Up With Those You Love Most


A holiday that's literally all about giving and receiving love? You're ready to cozy up for an intimate evening with your loved ones. You've got pink blankets, red wine, and all your favorite rom-com films in tow.

Leo: Adoring And Being Adored In Return


You simply adore over-the-top declarations of love and you love receiving them. If it's big, even better. You're all about getting deep into the creativity of Valentine's Day and making it an unforgettable experience.

Virgo: All The Adorable Valentine's Day Decor


All the pastel pinks and rosey reds make your heart sing. You love all the ridiculously fun and youthful Valentine's Day decorations and seeing the world light up with such a romantic aesthetic makes you swoon.

Libra: The Idea Of Being Someone's Valentine


Admit it: You love the meaning of Valentine's Day. Whether you're going on a date with your S.O., your crush, or your best friend, you love any excuse to couple up and get romantic. One-on-one time is kind of your thing.

Scorpio: The Mystery Of A Secret Admirer


There's something just so exciting about the idea of someone unexpected confessing their feelings for you on Valentine's Day. This is the time of year to do it, right? You want a love story you'll never forget.

Sagittarius: All The Valentine's Day Activities


Between all the Valetine's Day gestures, get-togethers, dinners, and love, you're all in on the holiday festivities. In fact, you're probably planning a Valentine's Day party right now and thinking of fun ideas.

Capricorn: Showing The World How In Love You Are


You just want to show the world how in love you truly are. You're posting pictures with your friends or S.O., giving out gifts, and reminding yourself that the truest success in life has to do with the love you've got in it.

Aquarius: Quirky Ways Of Proclaiming Your Love


Despite what everyone thinks, you are a romantic. It's just that you don't enjoy cliché or corny ideas of romance. You'll find the most special, never-been-done-before way to ask someone to be your Valentine.

Pisces: Winning Someone Over With Romance


You can't help being a hopeless romantic. You love flirting, romancing, and courting, so you'll take any chance to be super sentimental or swoon-worthy. Whether it's a lover or a best friend, you're making them feel loved.