TikTok's #NotTheMainCharacter Trend
TikTok's #NotTheMainCharacter Trend Reveals The Side Role You Relate To Most

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There's a reason why awards shows have categories for supporting roles. Side characters are just as essential to the storyline as main characters, despite giving the spotlight to their bestie. Just think, what would a TV show like Hannah Montana be without Lilly? Without Tai, Cher's antics in Clueless wouldn't have even existed. TikTokers are cheering on these characters in TikTok's #NotTheMainCharacter trend and also revealing the ones they connect with most.

TikTok's #NotTheMainCharacter trend is a response to the #MainCharacter trend that still circulates on the app. While that trend promotes unwavering confidence and Aries-like energy, this new trend hilariously calls out other specific personality traits. TikTokers are comparing themselves to the sassy best friend, the villain who despises children, or the cool little sister. Each video is put to an audio clip called "DANCING QUEEN" by @owen_kelley10. The clip pulls from a scene in Mamma Mia! when two side characters spark an iconic dance number. (Seriously, we owe these characters everything.)

To try out TikTok's #NotTheMainCharacter trend for yourself, you first need to decide what "role" you connect with the most. If you can't think of one right off the bat, it may be helpful to think about your favorite TV shows and movies, and look up their cast lists. You can also watch these videos for some inspiration, light sarcasm, and quality entertainment.

This Video Is For The Sassy Best Friends

This video by TikToker @takiasarmy is both an introduction to the trend and a shoutout to sassy BFFs everywhere. Use it as a guide when you're typing out the text on your very own video, and send it to the group chat for some LOLs. The sassy BFF in your crew will likely respond with a funny, blunt comment and own the fact that they're just like Dionne from Clueless.

This Video Is All About Cool Little Sisters

Let's be honest, all little sisters are cool. This video by TikToker @notchanningtatum just calls out a few, like Stephanie Tanner from Full House and Anna from Frozen. Those characters were both fan favorites and queens of sarcasm. You could count on them to break out into song, rock a new hairstyle, and happily follow their heart wherever it takes them.

This Video Is Taking A Closer Look At Villains

It's possible that when you're watching a movie or show, you connect with the villain. They're the person — or, you know, terrifying clown — that pushes the storyline by going against the norm.

TikToker @adamtots, for example, says they totally relate to That Villian who hates children. In their video, they mention Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap and Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter.

This Video Is Here For The Heart Eyes

TikToker @hawksjennatals is in good company as "the girl who can't figure out which boy she's in love with." In their video for the #NotTheMainCharacter trend, they make it clear that they are crushing hard like Rory from Gilmore Girls and Chloe from the second season of The Circle. Girls who love to love, unite!

This Video Is A Couple's Take On The Trend

Believe it or not, you and your SO can film this trend together. Start by reflecting on what famous couple from a TV show or movie you are, and why. @cost_n_mayor decided that they're the "quirky, underdog couple you were always rooting for." It's true, we were always rooting for Jim and Pam in The Office.

This Video Is So Relatable For People Who Work Weekends

Anyone who works on the weekends will laugh (and maybe cry a bit) at this video by @hailey.hinton. Instead of focusing their video on a specific personality trait, they highlighted their oh-so relatable work schedule. Nick Miller from New Girl, Maddie from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and even Remy's chef BFF from Ratatouille all make appearances.

This Video Is Serving Looks Left And Right

There's always one character that's way overdressed for the episode — yet you can't help but stan. Enter, Harper from The Wizards of Waverly Place, Zoey from grown-ish, and TikToker @aliyahsinterlude. They all serve looks you wish were in your closet, and honestly have #MainCharacter energy.

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