The 9 Funniest TikTok Trends Of All Time Will Never Not Be Funny

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Ready for some TikTok nostalgia? It's about time we revisited the funniest TikTok trends of all time. Viral videos are a dime a dozen these days, and at the pace new memes start picking up speed at, it's almost impossible to revisit and catalogue all the greats. While the app has only been popularized in the last couple years, it's produced so many epic trends, so it feels like longer. But, we can still walk down memory lane.

TikTok trends aren’t always funny; a sick dance move or two is bound to gain you more followers if the trend takes off compared to your stand-up routine. The app is geared towards music-listening experiences, but every so often, a trend that makes people LOL skyrockets to the top of the trending audio list. Whether intentional or not, ordinary posters have become overnight stars by posting their reactions and jokes.

There are so many funny trends to unpack, but some of the best have major longevity and are still meme-d and recreated to this day. The trends aren’t just pranks, but viral clips of audio taken and repurposed from other platforms, too. If you’re a TikTok historian, or even just longing for a sense of nostalgia for the early days of the lip-syncing platform, this list is for you. Scroll through the top nine funniest viral trends and videos from over the past few years below.

9. VSCO Girls

The HydroFlask craze of yesteryear inspired teens to create a larger-than-life imitation of a young girl who loves using the VSCO photo editing app and wants to save the turtles. It was one of the earliest memes on TikTok in 2019, and might not be all that funny in the present day, but the nostalgia is strong.

8. “I’m Busy Right Now”

The “I’m Busy Right Now” trend is an incredibly recent one, but its popularization by A-list influencers led to some funny reactions that are already highlights of 2021 mainstream meme culture. Just be careful before pranking Kim Kardashian with this one, she can’t be fooled.

7. “Slide Around” Dance

“Give me five/ it’s a vibe,” is probably the most memorable TikTok verse from summer 2019, and the various dances inspired by Nicki Minaj and Chance The Rapper’s hit track will always cheer you up. Everyone admitted to their guilty pleasures or flaws, but while still looking fly.

6. Bunny The Talking Dog

A talking dog is bound to make any top 10 list, but TikTok users’ recreations of Bunny’s existential crises will always be hilarious. Sure, Bunny can’t really “talk,” but he’s got a lot of buttons to try out just in case he needs to ask for more pets.

5. “Why Would You Play With Me?”

Falling down from excitement at this entry? Same. The “Why Would You Play With Me” trend where TikTokers basically go limp with fear or embarrassment caused people to laugh out loud with its various interpretations, and it absolutely took over TikTok.

4. Duet Chains

Duetting is a key feature of comedy TikToks, but massive duet chains had the internet LOL’ing in 2020. From adding limbs to changing the actions of the previous duetter, these chains are downright creative.

3. The Juggalo Resurgence

In 2019, a legion of e-clowns rediscovered a plethora of Insane Clown Posse songs and used them to create their own hilariously strange skits, and, of course, paint their faces with clown makeup. Avani Gregg made a name for herself due, in part, to the trend, and helped popularize the audios.

2. Brittany Broski’s Kombucha Taste Test

“Kombucha Girl” was a crucial video that spurred the original surge of users to log onto TikTok and make their own videos inspired by Brittany’s hilarious taste test. The year 2019 might seem far away these days, but this trend still makes users laugh to this day.

1. Nicki Minaj’s Audios

The Queen of Rap is rightfully also the Queen of TikTok, without ever even making a viral video on the platform herself. She doesn't post much on the app, but that hasn't stopped TikTokers from running with her audios from other platforms. Several audio clips from Nicki Minaj’s various Queen Radio rants and Instagram livestreams have gone viral, triggering millions of users to make videos using her voice and mannerisms in their own videos. Every single trend is more hilarious than the one before it, and her spoken-word clips prove the longevity of Nicki’s career as a pop culture personality.

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