TikTok's new #TikTokTutorials Creator Portal is here to teach you everything.

TikTok's New Creator Portal Will Teach You *Everything* You Need To Know About The App


Ever find yourself scrolling through TikTok for hours wondering exactly how people are making all those bomb videos? Well, it turns out other people have the exact same questions, because TikTok's new #TikTokTutorials and Creator Portal is all about breaking down the app's features in the simplest way. The new videos the will teach you everything from camera tips and tricks to editing in the simplest way — and it's all housed in one spot. TBH, the new portal is a must-watch for anyone who wants to know more about creating the best vids on TikTok.

Available on TikTok as of Wednesday, Jan. 20, you can get advice from viral TikTokers — the ones who actually create the videos you can't stop watching — on the #TikTokTutorials Creator Portal. To find it in the app, search the #TikTokTutorials tag or go to the official @creatorportal. Once there, remember to hit the follow button on the channel or add the hashtag to your favorites to save it for reference later. The feature was first announced in a video hosted by @flossybaby and posted to the TikTok Creator Portal on Jan. 20, which flashed through everything the tutorials would cover. With TikTokers like Jay Love (aka @flossybaby) and Justin Vibes (@iamjustinvibes) advising on how to use the app to its fullest, there's nothing to lose when browsing through for help.

In the portal, you can easily find a specific topic, like "Going Live" or "Finding Your Style." Of course, if you're new to TikTok it may be helpful to start with one of the intro videos available on the Creator Portal called “TikTok 101.” In the video, @flossybaby takes you through the basics of why to use the app and what it is, touching on what makes TikTok special, and calling TikTok "a place where people can be themselves" and find their community.

If you’re more familiar with TikTok, it’ll probably make more sense to start with a particular topic that you need help with, like safety tips, finding your community on TikTok, info on TikTok's“For You” feed, and more.

Whether you want to try your hand at creating a #DailyVlog, making dance videos, cooking tutorials, or something else, the tutorials available on the TikTok Creator Portal will help.


If you need help finding a topic, you can go straight to the official Creator Portal page, which features six different categories to choose from based off the most common FAQs. They include Getting started, TikTok Creation Essentials, Foundations for Success, Content Strategy, Community Guidelines and Safety, and Getting Paid To Create.

Now that TikTok has an official place for all your burning questions, the only thing to do is take notes and start filming.