A screenshot from the video of BTS' V teasing a new solo song.

V Teased A New Song He Wrote On VLIVE That Has ARMYs Shook To Their Core


Hours after RM and J-Hope ended their arts-and-crafts-themed VLIVE on Thursday, April 23, V did a stream of his own. During his broadcast, V gave fans some song recommendations. V even surprised fans by playing a song he's been working on. Although fans only heard a few seconds of it, they're already asking V to release the track in full because it sounds that amazing. This video of BTS' V teasing a new solo song has ARMYs absolutely shook.

BTS just released their latest album, Map of the Soul: 7, in February, so fans didn't think they would get new music from the group for a while. But lately, the guys have been hinting new projects are on the horizon. In an April 17 livestream on YouTube, RM confirmed they're already working on their next album, but he didn't reveal when fans can expect it or what the concept of the album would be.

"We've kicked off the process. We're still thinking about what and how much of the process to share with you but we're going to try to [record] the process together with you all," RM said.

Now, just a few days later, V gave fans a sneak peek of a new solo song during a VLIVE session. According to a fan translation by @choi_bts2, V said he heard RM make their album announcement on YouTube, and he wanted to let fans know he's been in the studio making music.

Since V has previously released solo tracks on SoundCloud like "Scenery" and "Winter Bear," as well as songs for TV show soundtracks like "Sweet Night" for Itaewon Class and "It's Definitely You" for Hwarang, it's unclear if the song will be for BTS' album or for one of V's individual projects. Either way, the track has ARMYs shaking with anticipation.

V first teased new music in a March 6 livestream with RM. During the broadcast, V told RM he wrote three new songs, and one of them would be released soon. True to his word, V shared "Sweet Night" days later on March 13. As for the other two songs, the track V played in his latest VLIVE could be what he's been teasing all this time.

Since V has a few projects up his sleeve, ARMYs hope he will release a solo mixtape one day so they can fully appreciate his beautiful vocals, as well as his brilliant songwriting and production skills.