BTS' New Jungle-Inspired Lotte Duty Free Ad Will Transport You To Another World

by Jamie LeeLo

The boys from BTS feel as familiar to me these days as the cast of Jersey Shore or all of the Real House Wives series on BRAVO. They're like my friends. Even though they don't know me, I know them. So, when I see them show up in commercials, I'm immediately at ease, which makes them the perfect celebrity sponsors for any product. The video of BTS' jungle-inspired Lotte Duty Free ad may not apply to me on a consumer level, but you better believe it applies to me on an ARMY level.

Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, V, and RM are everywhere, and I don't mean that in a lazy exaggeration kind of way. I mean that as a fact. They are everywhere. They are international superstars dominating the music industry, soaring online, monopolizing social media, popping up at international awards ceremonies, chilling with Jimmy Fallon, touring the globe, and promoting international products like Lotte Duty Free and, of course, the new Hyundai Palisade. It makes sense that their most recent partnership is with a company closely linked to aircraft considering they practically live on airplanes.

Lotte Duty Free happens to be Asia's top duty free store. BTS has actually done a few commercials for LDF, but the most recent one to be revealed is a magical romp through a jungle-inspired fantasy land. Count me the F in. In this commercial, each guy takes a turn dancing down a rainforest-like runway which viewers find out is actually the letter "D" in the Lotte Duty Free logo. If I'm reading between the lines here, I'm sure it has something to do with how Lotte Duty Free is there for consumers as they travel the world to exotic places, but it could just be they wanted something visually stunning and went with the BTS babes on a compelling backdrop.

Whatever. The whole commercial is 15 seconds long and very worth the watch.

The bright and colorful vibe of this ad is a little bit of a juxtaposition to another Lotte Duty Free commercial BTS dropped a week or so prior.

In their previous ad, the boys strut down a super modern runway with sleek lines, a black backdrop, and fluorescent lighting. At the end of that commercial, the camera zooms out to reveal the boys were actually walking around the "L" in the Lotte Duty Free logo. While many fans were just busy drooling over the guys' runway struts, I sense a little bit of a theme here.

My assumption is that in another week or so, we'll see yet another LDF commercial with the BTS crew, but this time it will involve them frolicking in the final letter, "F," which appears to be crafted out of colorful multi-levels. You can see what I mean in the screenshot below.


Not to pick favorites, but nothing beats the boys' Hyundai commercial, if for no other reason than it opens with them whistling "D.N.A." and I think it's effective.

Whatever BTS is selling, I'm definitely buying. (I mean, if I can afford it or whatever.)