BTS Is Launching A New Website That Will Let ARMY Write Their Official History Book

by Jamie LeeLo
Rich Fury/Getty Images; ARMYPEDIA.NET

OK, whoa. I've always known BTS is next level, but their new ARMYPEDIA is next-next level. What is ARMYPEDIA? Oh, just a super expansive, wildly innovative, Willy-Wonka-Golden-Ticket vibe of a party designed to make ARMYs' heads explode. Another way to describe it is a new website here to enlist ARMY to help write BTS history, but it's so much more than that! The official site launches on Monday, Feb. 25, but you can pop over to armypedia.net now to walk through a great tutorial on how you can get involved. Or, you can simply read on.

Alright, so BTS debuted on June 13, 2013. That was 2,080 days prior to the launch of ARMYPEDIA. This site is designed for the BTS fanbase to share all of their amazing BTS memories from each one of those 2,080 days. However, simply uploading your favorite memories would be too simple, and this is BTS we're talking about. Nothing is simple.

The tutorial goes on to explain that each day between June 13, 2013, and Feb. 21, 2019, has to first be unlocked in order for fans to share their memories. How do you unlock a date? Glad you asked. You have to find the puzzle piece. Where do you find the puzzle piece? Oh, just all over the whole entire freaking world, both on and offline.

Here's what a locked day looks like:


And here's what a puzzle piece looks like:


It's a straight forward QR code labeled with the date the puzzle piece unlocks. It will also have the message, "Hey ARMY! Lost this?" stamped above it.

So, let's just say you happen to be one of the few lucky folks to discover a puzzle piece, then what? It wouldn't be fun if it was that easy to unlock a day, would it?! The next step after scanning your QR code will be to answer a quiz question about BTS. If you get it right, then you've unlocked the date to share your memories! Hooray!

ARMYPEDIA explains, "The ARMY who's the first to get the quiz right will win the puzzle piece, and his or her name will be recorded on the <NOW ON PUZZLE> page!"

At this point, you and other ARMYS can post your memories for the days that have been unlocked! Fans have the option to upload a memory as text, an image, or video. Other ARMYs can give your post a purple heart (like the 'like' button of Facebook) which will move your post up in the ranks. The post with the most purple hearts on any given day will be dubbed that date's "Top Memory."

Additionally, as you move through the process of finding the puzzle pieces, answering the quiz questions, and sharing your memories, you'll receive a certain number of points. When ARMYPEDIA closes on Mar. 24, 2019, the top 2,080 ARMYs with the most points will be given a special gift made up of Big Hit Shop points. The website breaks down the point system like this:

- Selected as a date's Top Memory: 200 points

- The first ARMY to scan the QR code and solve the puzzle: 100 points

- Scanning the QR code and solving an already-discovered puzzle: 50 points

- Uploading a memory: 50 points

- Getting a purple heart for a posting: 1 point

Here's what makes this so much fun (besides all of it), ARMYs have to work together to create the ARMYPEDIA. To kick things off, one lucky person thinks they already discovered a puzzle piece. Check this out:

I mean, that sure looks like a puzzle piece to me! ARMYs will be able to find out for sure once the site is officially open for business on Feb. 25 (I imagine the lucky ARMY who spotted this piece is currently chasing the van around their entire country as not to lose their golden opportunity for points).

Eagle-eyed fans have already discovered a few entries in the ARMYPEDIA from Jungkook, Jimin, V, RM, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope themselves!

Well, go forth, ARMYs! Be brave. Be kind. B(TS).