Sophie Turner Just Showed Off Her Gorgeous Wedding Ring On Instagram

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ second wedding has come and gone, and needless to say, we’re all eagerly devouring any deets that drop about the lavish affair. Luckily, the bride herself just dropped some juicy new info. Instagram followers can now drool over Sophie Turner's wedding ring, because she just flashed it in a new IG Story post. This is not a drill, folks.

You’re just one click away from scoping out the dazzler yourself. And I’ll just say this: It’s a far cry from a sour cherry Ring Pop. First of all, in the video post, Turner reveals that she’s on her (second) honeymoon. While no one is 100% certain where she and Jonas are honeymooning, Katherine McPhee recently posted a tweet suggesting that the couple was just “two yachts over” from her in Capri, Italy. McPhee later clarified that the tweet was a joke (and a clever attempt to divert the paparazzi’s attention). So while Turner and Jonas could very well be in Italy (they got married in France, after all), it seems unlikely that McPhee would so carelessly spill the tea on where the couple is trying to enjoy a private romantic getaway.

Speaking of tea, let’s dive into Turner’s video, which TBH, epitomizes why we all adore her so much. She starts off by saying that the UK women’s team lost at the World Cup, and while she’s “incredibly sad” about this news, she’s honored to have lost to the U.S. team. Why? Well, recently, Alex Morgan — a forward for Orlando Pride — scored the go-ahead goal in the Women’s World Cup semifinal match against England, and in celebration of the goal, she pretended to sip tea. Some people perceived this move as an attempt to mock England, but according to Morgan, her gesture was inspired by the catchy phrase Turner ends many of her Instagram videos with: “And that’s the tea.” (Although, it should be noted, the phrase originated in drag culture before it became an internet staple and, then, Sophie's sign-off.)

In her video commenting on the controversy, Turner says, “All the people who were hating on you are probably millennials sitting at home drinking Kombucha” (LOL). She ends the clip by saying, “I’m really f*cking proud of you, Alex Morgan. Congrats on your win.” And then, right before she takes a giant swig of her red wine, she adds: “And that’s the Mothaf*ckin’ tea,” and smiles sweetly at the camera. It’s the ultimate clap back, you guys.

But I digress. Back to the ring — which is prominently displayed throughout the video as she gesticulates with her left hand, and brushes her hair behind her ear.


Obvi, we’ve already seen her engagement ring, because both she and Jonas shared the same close-up of the stunner on her finger when they announced that they were tying the knot back in October of 2017.

The ring features a sizable pear-cut diamond set between two slender bands that are studded with pavé stones, and if you look too closely at it, you might be rendered permanently blind (JK — kinda). Now, we’re catching a glimpse of her wedding band for the first time. It’s a slender band that TBH, fits in flawlessly next to her other rock, given that it’s the same thickness and similarly studded with tiny diamonds all the way around. Of course, her wedding band looks like it’s literally made to be worn with her engagement ring. Because she’s Sophie Turner, y’all, and I’m pretty convinced that everything she touches is inherently sheer perfection.

For now, all we know about the ring is what we can see from hitting pause on the video and zooming in (confession: I did that easily 20 times). But who knows? Maybe Turner will be inspired to post a couple more vids from her honeymoon (*crosses fingers*). In the meantime, at least we have some still images to ogle. And that’s the mothaf*ckin’ tea.