“Mochi Skin” Is A Rising J-Beauty Trend & This DHC Lotion Makes It Easy To Achieve

DHC Skincare

Last summer, I spent literally all my time and money trying to achieve a coveted "glass skin" complexion. Now, summer 2019 has brought on a new flawless face trend, natch, but one J-beauty brand in particular has made nailing the look as easy as possible. If you're desperate for "mochi skin," look no further than this DHC Urumai Lotion review to show you exactly what products you need for a soft, plump, hydrated summertime glow. If you've only ever eaten mochi as a treat, and aren't sure what it has to do with skincare, I'd still stick around and read this review. You'll definitely learn something new, although you might also end up craving some delicious mochi in the process. Sorry in advance.

DHC Skincare is an absolute Japanese beauty titan, so it makes sense that their new drops are always up-to-date when it comes to the latest skincare fads. Last year, the K-beauty trend of glass skin — smoothe, poorless, and so glowy, it was almost reflective — had beauty lovers everywhere searching for the best tightening and brightening products, and now that a new J-beauty trend is on the rise, DHC is dropping a three-step solution that makes nailing the look easier than ever.

To truly understand mochi skin, first familiarize yourself with mochi:

Yum AF. Mochi are sweet rice cakes, sometimes with ice cream at the center, known for their super-cute, puffy, round appearance and delicious taste. According to DHC, a similar look is all the rage for the beauty community of Japan right now, to whom soft, supple skin is considered highly desirable. "Japanese women cherish mochi-hada, or rice-cake skin, in reference to the soft, perfectly plump Japanese dessert," the brand explained on Instagram. Sounds like incredible summer skin to me!

That's why I was so excited when the brand dropped their new Urumai Collection, a plant-powdered line dedicated to helping users achieve supple, replenished skin:

The collection as a whole consists of the Urumai Soap ($14,, the Urumai Cream ($29,, and the Urumai Lotion ($25,, the last of which really intrigued me. In American beauty lingo, I regularly associate the word "lotion" with a cream or mositurizer, but this formula is a thin, watery liquid, much like an essence or toner, but commonly referred to as a lotion in J-beauty. Noted!

Because it was so unusual to me, I knew I had to give it a go:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Given that mochi skin is the goal and mochi is made of rice, the formulas in the Urumai Collection contain a rice peptide complex, one that works hard to hydrate skin. Oh, and if you're wondering why it isn't just called the ~Mochi Skin Collection~, the word Urumai is actually a combo of two fitting Japanese words, "urumi," moisture, and "mai," rice.

Here's what the Lotion looks like dispensed into my hand. To be clear, it looks like nothing:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

I find that partiularly interesting because of how impactful it is in my routine. This invisible liquid really makes a difference for my skin! Whether or not I'm using the entire Urumai Collection, I always apply the lotion after cleansing and before serums (As one would with a traditional toner!) by pouring a few drops into my hands and pressing them into my skin and down my neck.

After a few days of incorporating this product into my morning and night regimes, my skin really did feel mochi-level soft:

Like, people on vacation even told me it looked so soft!

As someone who spent most of her life with acne, I used to neglect proper moisturization techniques in favor of overloading on harsh spot treatments, peels, and masks, not realizing how much a little hydration would've benefitted my complexion in the moment. Now, I'm all about making up for lost time by ensuring my skin is always mega-moisturized, and this five-second step has really amped up my replenishing game. When I couple this with a good face cream like the one in the DHC Urumai Collection, my face is peak plump, soft, and supple. I've achieved full mochi status! Or at the very least, I'm well on my way.

I definitely intend to keep using the Urumai Lotion in my summer routine, and if you want try it for yourself, you can see what all the J-beauty buzz is about and shop the entire new Urumai collection live now on the DHC website. BTW, they're currently offering free shipping with all Urumai purchases, so there's no excuse not to "treat" yourself to some mochi skin. See what I did there?