Glamglow's New Moisturetrip Might Be Their Edgiest Drop Yet

As I write this, the humid heat of New York City is melting my brain, and all I can think about is keeping my skin properly hydrated and moisturized, so that I won't look as unpleasant as this weather makes me feel. Like clockwork, leave it to Glamglow to drop a brand-new, ultra-replenishing product — I can always count on them to come out with something fun and irresistable, and this time around is no exception. If you're wondering where to get Glamglow's new Moisturetrip Moisturizer, we're in the same boat, because my skin needs this jam-packed, revitalizing formula ASAP. Just think, I complained all winter about the cold, and now that it's finally warm, all I want is a tall glass of water, a hydrating moisturizer, and functioning air conditioning. In NYC, only the first two can truly be guaranteed, but at least I have Glamglow giving me something to get excited about.

When Glamglow first launched, they were all about luxe masks, but since then, the brand has expanded and come out with a variety of products, from toner and serum to a myriad of moisturizers. Spoiler alert, every single drop has featured chic, on-brand packaging, a bevy of impressive ingredients, and a cult-like following — the beauty community trusts Glamglow to deliver, and they always do.

This time around, with Moisturetrip Omega-Rich Moisturizer ($54,, it seems they've gone above and beyond:

"Introducing #MOISTURETRIP— our new all skin types-approved moisturizer formulated to soothe daily skin stress," the brand declared in the product's Instagram debut. They then went on to rattle off some very ~hip~ ingredients: "Hyaluronic acid, omega-rich cannabis sativa seed oil from hemp and antioxidant-rich chaga mushroom." this moisturizer cooler than me?

So, other than sounding cool and providing moisture, what makes this formula stand out?

Glad you asked. The brand describes Moisturetrip as "instant relief for stressed skin" for a number of reasons. It soothes irritation, which can reduce the appearance of redness, but it also protects your face against environmental stressors and blue light. Basically, it helps you chill out, and then stay cool — and hydrated, and hip, and all that jazz. If I were in kindergarten, I would bring Moisturetrip in for Show & Tell; it just seems special.

Where have you been all my life, Moisturetrip? My dehydrated summer skin needs you:

Of course, this isn't Glamglow's only super-moisturizing formula — I've been known to slather Thirstymud ($59, all over my face and body after a bad sunburn. That said, this is Glamglow's first soothing, redness-calming product, and for this reason, fans are hyped up. "Omg I just talking with my colleague yesterday about 'why doesn’t Glamglow have anything that reduces redness' AND HERE IT IS!!" wrote one excited follower on Instagram, adding, "I have no doubt about that this will be just as good as your other products." See? I'm not the only one who's pumped about the thought of great skin this summer.

If you want to shop Moisturetrip now, you can head over to the Glamglow site or check it out online at Sephora, where it currently has a 4.6/5 rating. Not too shabby, Glamglow!