Baby Yoda
Here's The Cutest Baby Yoda Merch You Need To Grab Before It's Too Late


When Disney bought out Lucasfilm back in 2012, fans were worried that the House of Mouse and the Skywalker Dynasty wouldn't mix. But the two have something fundamental in common. In the words of Mel Brooks' dead-on parody Spaceballs: "Merchandising!" Brooks' idea of Spaceballs: The Flamethrower might not have come to pass, but Disney+'s first outing with Lucasfilm brought about something almost as good: the ever-memeable Baby Yoda. The sheer amount of Baby Yoda merch the Child has left in the wake of his debut on The Mandalorian is proof the company has struck gold.

But most of Baby Yoda's official merchandise isn't here yet. In a rare choice to prioritize secrecy over money, Disney+ kept Baby Yoda tightly under wraps. Nothing was commissioned ahead of the show's debut for the new character. Hasbro and others have since announced everything from official plushies to puzzles all coming in 2020.

But for the consumer who can't wait, Etsy is here for you. The e-commerce website focused on handmade creations has gone Baby Yoda crazy in the last two months, with everything a Mandalorian fan would want to express their love of The Child during the wait for Season 2 next fall.

Baby Yoda Crochet Plushie

The number one thing people want most is a cute Baby Yoda to snuggle. There was already a crochet pattern out there for a regular stuffie Yoda, and more than a few enterprising fiber artists have adapted it to create Baby Yoda crochet plushies. They come in all different sizes, but this $60 one from Seven Little Owls is big enough for proper cuddling.

Baby Yoda Tees

The other primary seller for Baby Yoda is the T-shirt. Etsy has several different styles and designs from sellers, but this "Important Cargo" Baby Yoda Tee design for $17.95 from Red Panda Craft Supply is nice and subtle, with a cute little Yoda riding along in your pocket.

Baby Yoda Mug

Of all the Baby Yoda memes (and there are a lot of them), this image of Baby Yoda with his little soup bowl was an instant classic. It fit the already established "sips tea" meme perfectly, and it was also great for all those coffee addicts, too. This Baby Yoda mug costs $16.95 from Imagination Mugs and is perfect for both coffee and tea drinkers alike.

Baby Yoda Phone Case

Since the smartphone became the accessory of choice this decade, the phone case has been one of the easiest ways for users to show off their fandoms. And Baby Yoda is no exception. There are dozens of different Baby Yoda phone cases, but these artsy renderings from Blue Whale US of different Baby Yoda phone case options, all for $11.95, are some of the highlights.

Baby Yoda Tote

On the other end of the spectrum from T-shirts are tote bags, and Etsy has plenty of options on that front. This particular Baby Yoda tote of everyone's favorite new Galaxy Gerber Baby is $33 from Just Peachy Apparel Co.

Baby Yoda Bookmark

What better way to read up on your Star Wars lore on Mandalore, the Darksaber, and all the Easter eggs in The Mandalorian than with a Baby Yoda bookmark? This laser-engraved wooden bookmark from Vector Engraving is only $12 and will have big adorable eyes reading along with you.