Baby Yoda

20 Memes About Baby Yoda That Will Make Your Whole Damn Day

by Ani Bundel

The Mandalorian is the show that defines the Disney+ brand to a tee. It's not a great prestige political drama on par with Game of Thrones; it's not a fight-and-gore fest of a cartoon series like The Walking Dead. It's not a show viewers watch in a single weekend and forget about by next Wednesday like Netflix fare. Nor does it have any Skywalkers in it, like the Lucasfilm big-screen counterparts. It's just a cute show about a Mando and his Baby Yoda. And if these memes about Baby Yoda are any indication, audiences are eating it up. Warning: Minor Spoilers for The Mandalorian follow.

The Mandalorian introduces itself as a story about a bounty hunter on the hunt for a big get. "Mando," as the show calls him, is charged by someone who used to be a big wheel in the Empire to find him a certain "50-year-old." Mando doesn't know if the quarry is male or female, or even a name, just a last known location, and a fob.

After a protracted battle taking out not just the guards around his quarry, but other bounty hunters who also seek his prey, Mando finally arrives at his destinations and finds this 50-year-old is a toddler in a floating cradle. It's a member of Yoda's mysterious species, and it's the cutest green-skinned, big-eared child the galaxy has ever seen.

Audiences were immediately hooked.

Baby Yoda has taken over The Mandalorian series, stealing every scene they're in. In fact, Baby Yoda proved so popular that Disney couldn't pull them from the internet, despite the legalities of using the character. Giphy tried it, and the resulting wave of Baby Yoda content that fans posted in response was so massive the gifs were reinstated only a few days later.

Such is the power of Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda is the instant hit that is helping drive Disney+ forward. Considering how popular the character is (and the massive merch drive), fans shouldn't be surprised if a cartoon image of Baby Yoda becomes the platform's mascot by 2021.

After all, by Chapter 2, Baby Yoda has won everyone's heart, and by Chapter 3, they had won Mondo's heart too. Marketing is sure to follow.

Baby Yoda is also versatile. They work for every kind of application, from political jokes to Brand Sponsored tweets.

But mostly, the fun is in referencing other memes with Baby Yoda.

And naturally, Baby Yoda also has their own Twitter account now. Not only do they meme themselves, but they also dispense sage Yoda-like wisdom. Natch.

The Mandalorian airs weekly on Disney+.