Try these Zoom Halloween costumes for a last-minute 'fit.

These Last-Minute Zoom Halloween Costume Ideas Are SO Easy To Put Together

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Zoom calls have become a mainstay in 2020, with Zoom happy hours, scavenger hunts, and even birthday parties, but video calls can come with their fair share of awkward moments. If you haven't decided on a costume for Halloween, why not make light of the daily grind with one of these no-stress Zoom Halloween costume ideas? These video chat-inspired getups are sure to make everyone laugh — and they're so easy to put together.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Halloween guidance as of Oct. 19, lists virtual celebrations as low risk, so it's best to celebrate the spooky holiday virtually in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. If you're going to a small gathering, make sure you incorporate a mask into your costume, implement social distancing, and stay outdoors.

To make hilarious Zoom mishaps into a clever costume, you won't need much besides yourself and a few props. Any of these costumes can be personalized using items you already own or put together using a few low-cost purchases. Check out these ideas that you can recreate for an easy last-minute costume.

1. Last Person On The Zoom Call

You've probably experienced the awkward moment when you are the last person in the meeting. You know, when you keep smiling and waving, and quickly try to hit the "Leave Meeting" button?

To turn that awk moment into a costume, you can use a shirt that says "Leave Meeting," and all you need to do to sell wave and plaster on an uncomfortable smile.

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2. The Serial Virtual Background User

While virtual backgrounds make the meetings fun, using one every meeting might make you feel like you're blending into the picture. If you like the idea of creating a funny virtual background costume, try a background you use a lot. If you've been using a Tiger King backdrop, consider dressing up like Carole Baskin and making a cardboard virtual background sign. If you're doing a virtual party, make sure you coordinate your background and your costume. If you use a space background, dress up like an astronaut or an alien. If you typically go for memes, DIY the meme character. The list is almost endless.

3. Snapchat Lens Fails

Like the infamous "potato boss" who couldn't turn off her potato-face Snapchat filter, you can make your own Snapchat Lens costume and act like you can't get the setting turned off during your meeting. You can also make a sign that says "How do I turn this filter off?"

Use whichever Lens you've had this experience with. For example, if you use one of the butterfly filters a lot, there's a headband for that.

Of course, you can order a potato costume, too.

4. Can't Turn Off The Mute Button

Sometimes you're trying to talk and you don't realize your mute button is off. Then, when you try to turn it off, the setting is stuck.

If that's relatable, make a costume with a shirt that says "You're on mute." Then during the festivities, you can mime your speech all night, pretending you're trying to respond, but no sound is on.

5. Forgot To Turn On Your Mute Button

While not being able to turn off mute is pretty awful, it's sometimes worse if you aren't able to turn on the setting. Maybe you've had loud roommates partying in the background, a dog or cat that won't stop misbehaving, or you just don't want the video to flash to you as the presenter if you laugh too loud.

If you've been there, you can wear a shirt with the mute icon and periodically say something awkward to distract the whole conversation.

6. Your Zoom Athleisure

If you use Zoom for work or school, you've likely opted for a super professional shirt on top and your comfiest sweat pants with mismatched cozy socks. Some people have forgotten what it's even like to wear jeans, because who can see your legs?

To create this costume, you can go for some comical boxer shorts or sweatpants and a professional top. Then, walk around in your mismatched uniform all night.

If you're ordering pieces for your costume, remember to follow the CDC's guidance for deliveries as of Sept. 11, which includes throwing away the packaging and washing your hands after handling it.

If you think you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus, which include fever, shortness of breath, and cough, call your doctor before going to get tested. If you’re anxious about the virus’s spread in your community, visit the CDC for up-to-date information and resources, or seek out mental health support. You can find all Elite Daily's coverage of coronavirus here.