Here's why you don't have a cat face filter on Zoom.

Here's Why You Might Not See That Viral Lawyer Cat Filter On Zoom — & How To Fix It

Kryssia Campos/Moment/Getty Images

A Texas lawyer is going viral after a recording of a hilarious, albeit relatable, Zoom filter mishap made its rounds on the internet. ICYMI, Rod Ponton accidentally turned himself into an adorable kitten while virtually presenting a case in Texas' 394th District Court — and the video captured a much-needed moment of lightness in this new year that has yet to prove it'll be better than 2020. If you're ready to put a smile on your coworkers or friends' faces, but can't find the filter, you might be wondering: Why don't I have a cat face filter on Zoom? Well, you need a more than decade-old computer for it, but there is a fix.

In a video of the livestream shared on Texas' 394th District Court YouTube channel on Feb. 9, the lawyer, identified as Ponton in a recording shared by judge Roy Ferguson, had to reassure the Zoom attendees, "I'm here live. I'm not a cat." Hilarity aside, people were captivated by the filter, which shows an adorable white kitten with big eyes that appear on the verge of tears. Unfortunately, trying out Ponton's exact filter yourself might not be possible because the BBC pointed out that Twitter user @ChemBark identified it as a Dell webcam filter from circa 2010, which is also confirmed in this 2010 blog post. So, if you don't have an older Dell computer, you're out of luck.

On the bright side, there are plenty of other cat filters on Snapchat and the desktop Snap Camera that can give you a similar result. To integrate one of these options into Zoom, you'll have to download the Snapchat-owned Snap Camera app on your computer and give it permission to use your camera and microphone if you haven't already.

Tap on the Search Lenses bar, and type in "kitten" or "cat" to bring up a feline that you'd like to overlay over your own face. This "Cat" by Marky Mark is a good choice if you want to emulate the lawyer's vibes. You can also try "Furry kitten" by Man Like Mac. If you click on the name of a Lens, you'll be able to test it out and see what it looks like, so have fun trying out the different options before settling on the one you want.


Once you've picked the winning Snapchat cat filter, you'll want to connect it to Zoom by opening Zoom, going to Settings, tapping Video, and then tapping "Camera." In a drop down menu, you'll see the option to select Snap Camera, which should include a preview of your face with the cat filter you chose.

From there, you can expect your face to be overlaid with the countenance of whatever kitten you chose whenever you start or join a Zoom meeting. Now, if you find yourself in a situation like Ponton where you want to get rid of your kitten likeness, just go to your Zoom video settings and make sure you unselect Snap Camera and use your computer's camera. (You can also choose a more natural filter on Snap Camera, if you still want a little something.)

While these Lenses might not be the exact one that Ponton used to break the internet, there are a few realistic options that'll have you reassuring your fellow Zoom callers, "I'm here live. I'm not a cat."