The 'Love is Blind' reunion was wild

Twitter's Reaction To The 'Love Is Blind' Reunion Sums It Up Perfectly


Love Is Blind was a three-week whirlwind event that left viewers wanting more, to say the least. Recognizing fans were desperate for a follow-up to all that went down on the show, Netflix hosted a reunion special which premiered on the streaming platform and the show's YouTube channel on March 5. All in all, it was an action-packed event, and these tweets about the Love Is Blind reunion perfectly summarize how people feel about the end of Season 1.

The finale of Love Is Blind showed five couples make their way down the aisle. Unfortunately, some of them chose to say "I don't" rather than "I do" at the altar, and left their partners standing sadly in front of their gathered friends and family. Other couples, however, did seem to find true love and got married at the end of it all.

Fans were obviously excited to see where the married couples stood after the finale, but what people might not have expected was all the drama that erupted on the reunion stage.

Probably the biggest moment of the whole special — which was used to promote the episode before it came out — had to do with Jessica and Amber. Both women were into Barnett at the beginning of the show, but he chose Amber and the pair got engaged, and later married. Nonetheless, Jessica's interest in Barnett seemed to continue even while she was engaged to Mark. After watching this all play out on the show, Amber wasn't pleased with what she saw, and made sure to let Jessica know what she thought, not holding back one bit.

As for Jessica's former fiancé, most viewers remained impressed with how Mark handled himself as the drama unfolded. Others felt he was still being a bit naive to Jessica's intentions.

For Damian and Giannina, despite the fact he left her at the altar by saying "I do not," they made the shocking revelation that they're actually back together after Love is Blind, but this time they're taking things slow.

And while all the drama was unfolding behind them, Cameron and Lauren sat cute as ever and in love together at the reunion. Their adorable interactions were super heartwarming and made fans take to social media in support.

The full Love Is Blind reunion is now available Netflix and YouTube.