Are Amber and Barnett together after 'Love Is Blind'?

Here's What We Know About Amber & Barnett's Lives After 'Love Is Blind'


Thirty singles entered the isolation pods in Love Is Blind, and six couples emerged, engaged to each other before ever meeting face to face. And although not all of them ended up saying "I do," there were a few couples who seemed to be in it fo the long haul. Of course, finding love on a four-week dating show can seem a little hasty, so fans are dying to know if Amber and Barnett are still together now that Love Is Blind is over.

Warning: Huge spoilers for the Love Is Blind Season 1 finale follows. Amber and Barnett ended up engaged, then married, in the first season of Love Is Blind. Despite Barnett initially having connections with three ladies — LC, Jessica (who ended up with Mark), and Amber — he chose to propose to Amber and the pair immediately seemed to hit it off. Despite having some touchy discussions about money and wedding planning, they walked down the aisle at the end of it all and both said "I do," agreeing to make their relationship official — and legal.

To not spoil the show, all the couples have been pretty hush-hush about how their journeys turned out, but after a thorough Instagram search, it seems like Amber and Barnett are still together. They both have a number of photos in the same locations, posted around the same time, and seem to be attending the same events. Of course, that could all be coincidence, but since it's more common for people to avoid their exes than go to the same places as them, odds are they're still going strong.

For example, is seems Amber attended Dragon Con, and photos show Barnett did too. They also both posted photos in Italy around the same time, with very similar captions. Barnett posed in front of the Colosseum and captioned: "Are you not entertained #colosseum #roma," quoting from the film The Gladiator, and Amber also posted a photo in front of the structure with a similar reference to the movie.

Third, Barnett also posted a photo from the city in Georgia where Amber is from, with a seemingly sentimental caption attached, which could totally reference his new wife.

Finally, their recent positive comments about the show sure seem like they are happy with how it all turned out. Both of them told Bustle how surprised they were with the depth of the show. "I think it's a process we were kind of both taking for granted in the beginning and then it just kind of like, wow, this is a real deal," Amber said, while Barnett mentioned they probably wouldn't have connected so deeply if it wasn't for Love Is Blind. "We talked about this before… [that] if we had met each other on the street, we might have had, like, a fun fling, but it never would have developed into anything," he said.

Despite these facts supporting the idea they're still together, there's also reason to believe they're not. Both Barnett and Amber's Instagrams feature photos of them without rings, and the dates of their same-place photos don't exactly line up. However, those could totally be tactics to keep the situation under wraps, so now that the finale of Love Is Blind is out, fans can only hope they'll make an official announcement about their relationship status soon.

Season 1 of Love Is Blind is now available on Netflix. The Love Is Blind cast reunion special airs on YouTube on Thursday, March 5.