Taylor Swift Performed This Deep Cut On BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge & Twitter Is Not Calm

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It's been over a week since Taylor Swift's new album, Lover, came out, and I can confidently say that I've listened to nothing else. The tracks have been playing on repeat, gracing my ears with lovey-dovey lyrics, sexy saxophone riffs, and beautiful reminders that "we all got crowns." I've had to keep myself from dancing in the streets, staying up late on work nights to read her diaries, and squealing over her colorful music videos. These tweets about Taylor Swift's Live Lounge performance, though, prove that I'm not the only fan who's anything but calm.

In case you didn't know, or haven't scrolled through the trending topics on Twitter yet, your favorite international pop star kicked off BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge Month in New York City on Sept. 2, giving fans and loyal listeners a chance to hear some of her new tracks and old jams. Her set was six songs long, and featured a couple of back-up singers, a pink guitar, and a piano. Would you like to take a wild guess about what songs she played?

I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised that she opened with "London Boy," her ode to her lover, Joe Alwyn, and the English afternoons she's spent in pubs watching rugby and walking around Camden Market. The fact that she then played "Lover," a cover of Phil Colllins' "Can't Stop Loving You," "The Archer," and "You Need To Calm Down," wouldn't be shocking either. But, there's one deep cut from her setlist that would leave you in total and complete awe: a stripped-down version of "Holy Ground" from Swift's album, Red.

You read that right. The queen of all things related to relationships and rainbows sat down at a piano in a black, sequined top in the Live Lounge and played, arguably, one of the most under-appreciated tracks of her entire career. Watch a clip of the performance for yourself. (Tissues may or may not be required.)

I don't know if it's her glances at the camera in her perfectly-done red lipstick or her angelic voice singing about the love stories of her past, but I was shook and can't think of a better way for BBC Radio 1 to begin their Live Lounge Month. To say the least, the Swifties on Twitter aren't calm either and the Internet might break — again.

Some fans took to memes to express their intense feelings for the track and the Red era of Taylor Swift making a brisk and beautiful comeback.

Other fans started manifesting mash-ups and Lover tour setlists, so that they can potentially see this magical moment IRL. Also, could this performance be another easter egg? These are the kind of questions you need to ask, people!

The fans who remember when the Red album was first released in Oct. 2012, took the "Holy Ground" performance as a clear indicator that fall is, well, here. For a while, Swift had a pattern of releasing her albums in the fall — her Reputation album, included.

Last but not least, with Swift telling fans her plans to re-record her old songs because of a recent deal between Scooter Braun and the Big Machine Label Group, fans are dreaming about what's possibly to come. It's pretty clear that her vocals have grown since when she first started, and now some Twitter users are expecting that some of the tracks will be stripped like the Live Lounge version of "Holy Ground."

I'll just have to wait and see what happens! Until then, I have no doubt that Taylor Alison Swift will continue to surprise her Swifties, and leave me feeling anything but calm.

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