This Taylor Swift "London Boy" Itinerary Will Let You Live Out Your Wildest Dreams

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Taylor Swift, the iconic pop star who's known for her poetic lyrics about relationships and love, released her seventh studio album, Lover, on Friday, Aug. 23, 2019. After giving it a listen and analyzing the dreamy words and suggestive saxophone sounds, you probably want to know how to recreate Taylor Swift's "London Boy" itinerary because this track is straight out of your wildest dreams.

It might take you back to your semester abroad when you strolled by the pastel-colored homes of Notting Hill, waiting for someone to romantically sweep you off your feet. Back then, you didn't know your favorite artist would emerge from an era of snakes, dark lipstick, and black tour outfits to write magical songs about marrying a man with paper rings. But you're so happy that now you get to belt out songs like "You Need To Calm Down" in your car, and have a pretty perfect reason to hop across the pond and visit London again.

Just in case you didn't know, "London Boy" is essentially Swift's ode to the pubs, clubs, fairy tale moments, and regions she's experienced in the city. Hints in the lyrics also have fans thinking the song is about Swift's lover, Joe Alwyn. The hit lays out the local spots that have captured Swift's heart and explains how a destination can quickly feel like home.

So here's the deal. Buy a plane ticket, follow this inspired itinerary, and you'll live out exactly what she's writing about.

Walk Around Camden Market
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The first item on your "London Boy"-inspired agenda should be wandering around Camden Market. In the first chorus of the song, Swift mentions she loves walking around the area that's filled with shops, cafés, and bars in the afternoon. When you go here, be sure to try all the local cuisine and treat yourself to a freshly baked pastry or two. Look for a sweet and ~vintage~ hat while you're at it as well.

Hang Out With Your Friends In Highgate

Next, Swift talks about going back to the quaint village of Highgate to meet her lover's best friends. For you, it'll be where you learn how to live like a local in the major city of London and get the most authentic and genuine experiences out of your trip. It'll be where you may make new friends, or lay down and look at the clouds in a park. Oh, and be sure to find a view of the skyline, OK?

Be A Tourist In The West End

The West End of London is where everything happens. It's the prime destination for catching a show, dressing up and going to a cool restaurant for dinner, and doing some shopping. If you want to have a very Taylor Swift-esque trip to the city, then you should definitely check out this area.

Look at the store windows on Bond Street and Oxford Street, and point out the high-end bags or shoes you love to your travel buddy. Gaze at the famous paintings and pieces of art in the National Gallery, and maybe pick up a souvenir or two. As far as I'm concerned, this is the place to satisfy your wanderlust.

Go Out At Night In Brixton
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Being a dedicated fan myself, I would say that the reputation era was when we found out Swift loves having a good time with her friends. That period of time was when she dropped her music video for "End Game," which was basically a party with Ed Sheeran and Future on the invite list.

In "London Boy," Swift gives fans the 411 on potentially one of her fave spots to go out: Brixton. This area is raging with cute movie theaters and lively bars. According to, it also hosts a lot of festivals in the summertime. Going there would be a brilliant idea.

Take Artsy Pictures In Shoreditch

Likely, one of the most Instagram-worthy spots that you can visit in London is Shoreditch. Located in the East End, it's filled with street art, burger spots, and markets with fresh flowers. Everywhere you look there's a photo opp, so much so that you should make room in your camera roll before coming here and gather up some Lover Instagram captions. In "Lover Boy," Swift mentions that this is another place she loves walking around in the afternoon.

Go Shopping In Hackney

The London borough of Hackney gets a shoutout in Swift's love letter to the city, with the bridge line, "So please show me Hackney." She doesn't quite mention what she wants to see there, but I have to imagine she might instantly find something she loves about the area and its unique charm. According to Culture Trip, spots to visit in this area include the Hackney Empire theatre and the Geffrye Museum of the Home, in addition to the trendy bars and electric clubs.

Watch Rugby In A Pub In Soho

Last but not least, you can't go to London without watching a game of rugby in a pub in Soho. It's only right — especially if you're trying to live out your "London Boy" fantasies.

To make your experience the best it can be, research the best restaurants and pubs in the area and see if they have the game on. Pull up to the spot with your besties, order a drink, and relax like a local. Try to pick up on the rules and cheer along when a team scores. In the blink of an eye, you'll be living your wildest dreams and playing the most magical tracks off Lover in your head.

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