Fans Think They've Figured Out The Voice On Taylor Swift's "London Boy"

by Jamie LeeLo
Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's Taylor Swift's world, and we're all just living in it. That world includes award-winning actor and 2018's Sexiest Man Alive, Idris Elba. He and Swift star in the highly-anticipated musical film CATS together, which has so far been met with a wide range of emotion. When Swifties heard Swift's new album, Lover, fans started asking, whose voice is on Taylor Swift's "London Boy"? Elba is theorized to be the voice behind the funny little speaking cameo, and I am here for it.

Swift launched Lover on Friday, Aug. 23, after her usual PR frenzy. Using her usual tools like social media and music video easter eggs, Swift gained a ton of momentum going into this next album drop. Prior to the record's full reveal, she unleashed music videos for the two tracks "ME!" and "You Need To Calm Down," along with the audio for the love song "The Archer" and the title song, "Lover." Now, Elba may be throwing around his own star power on track No. 11, "London Boy."

The song itself is an ode to London. The song opens up with a sweet, sweet voice stating, "We can go driving in, on my scooter, uh, you know, just riding in London."

Honestly, the lyrics sound like Swift just sat down with a pen and paper and was like, "Let's make a list of every single London or British thing I can think of, and then I'll write it into a song." On said list, probably somewhere below Buckingham Palace but above the tube stop "Cockfosters," she must have listed Idris Elba's name.

I don't know why, but Elba's reported cameo is the most endearing thing in the whole world. Something about picturing this big, burly, sexy man scooting around on a little bike and stumbling over his words makes me swoon. I don't know what the circumstances were that helped Swift nail this sound bite, but it totally makes the song for me. The rest of the lyrics might as well be "tea and crumpets," because I would still listen to the intro over and over again. Fans can't help but lose it over the reported cameo.

For journalistic purposes, these are the real words to the chorus:

You know I love a London boy / I enjoy walking Camden Market in the afternoon / He likes my American smile, like a child when our eyes meet / Darling, I fancy you / Took me back to Highgate, met all of his best mates / So I guess all the rumors are true / You know I love a London boy / Boy, I fancy you (Ooh)

And the bridge goes like this:

So please show me Hackney / Doesn't have to be, but we be up on Palm Street / Just wanna be with you / Wanna be with you / Stick with me, I'm your queen / Like a Tennessee Stella McCartney, I'm the heat / Just wanna be with you (Wanna be with you) / Wanna be with you (Oh)

Honestly? If you can't get into Elba and Swift dressed up in whiskers for CATS, hopefully you can get into this tune.