Taylor Swift's "End Game" Music Video Is Here & It's One Big Party

by Jamie LeeLo
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's back from the dead. (GOOD ONE! Ugh.) Taylor Swift came out swinging in 2017 when she released her smash album, Reputation. Since then, we've been gifted music video after music video and they're all full of awesome easter eggs, references to Swift's life, and, well, her reputation. The meaning of Taylor Swifts "End Game" music video is actually really not as deep as we were expecting. It's all one big party and we really wish we were invited.

First thing's first – Anytime you add Ed Sheeran into the mix, you're setting yourself up for a great time. Swift teased the music video on Good Morning America Thursday morning, Jan. 11, and it pumped us up. The teaser was projected in New York City's Times Square and was full of epic shots of Swift and Sheeran hanging out like two really cool kids doing awesome stuff in big cities. (Deep down, I think we all picture ourselves dancing on the front of a giant yacht, right?)

Swift gave us a heads up about the video dropping at midnight, ensuring we all stayed up way past our bedtimes to watch her get down and dirty on a motorcycle and goof around with her bud.

The real music video was all of that and more. Take a look.

Based on what we see in the video, it seems like the video is about not taking yourself so seriously all the time, and letting loose and having fun with friends to get through those hard times when your "reputation" might precede you.

Initially, when fans heard Ed Sheeran was collaborating on the track, some of us jumped to the conclusion "End Game" might be a love ballad. Then, when we heard the lyrics, we were like, "Actually... wait a minute." More than anything, it seems like Swift and Sheeran are poking fun at the rumors surrounding their relationship, since the video just shows them hanging out as besties.

Here are some awesome "End Game" lyrics:

I wanna be your end game / I wanna be your first string /I wanna be your A-team / I wanna be your end game, end game
Big reputation, big reputation /Oooh, you and me we got /Big reputations, ah /And you heard about me, oooh /I got some big enemies
Big reputation, big reputation /Oooh, you and me we’d be a big conversation, ah /And I heard about you, oooh /You like the bad ones, too

Future then raps:

You so dope, don’t overdose /I’m so stoked, I need to toast /We do the most / I’m in the ghost like I’m whipping a boat /I got a reputation girl that don’t precede me / I'm a call away / Whenever you need me /I’m in a G5 /Come to the A-side / I got a bad boy persona, that’s what they like /You love it /I love it too cause you my type /You hold me down and I protect you with my life
I don’t want to touch you /I don’t want to be /Just another ex love you don’t wanna see /I don’t wanna miss you / I don’t wanna miss you /Like the other girls do

And, later, Sheeran sings:

Now well, when I was young, we connected / When we were a little bit older, both sprung / I got issues and chips on both of my shoulders / Reputation precedes me / And rumors I’m knee deep / The truth is it’s easier to ignore it, believe me / And even when we'd argue we'd not do it for long / And you understand the good and bad end up in a song / For all your beautiful traits and the way you do it with ease / For all of my flaws, paranoia and insecurities / I made mistakes and made some choices that's hard to deny / After the storm something was born on the Fourth of July / I pass days with a funk / This end game isn't won / With four words on the tip of my tongue / (I’ll never say it)

Hm, sure sounds like a friendship tribute to me.

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