Taylor Swift Fans Are Losing It Over The Diary Entries She Released With 'Lover'

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift's Lover has arrived, and the Swifties are rejoicing. The "ME!" singer has released her seventh studio album, and with it, four different deluxe editions of the album packed with bonus features — namely, photo-scanned copies of pages from her diaries. Swift revealed in an Instagram Live about the deluxe editions of the album that she's, unsurprisingly, been writing in diaries for most of her life. Fans were pumped about the announcement, and now that Lover is here, these tweets about Taylor Swift's Lover diary entries show just how special the Swift fandom is finding the deluxe versions of the album.

One of the most exciting diary entries is the page of original lyrics to "All Too Well." The original song was 10 minutes long, but had to be cut down to five to make it onto the final version of Red. "All Too Well" has become canon in the Swift fandom as the best she has ever written, so when attendees of Swift's Lover Secret Sessions revealed the original 10-minute lyrics would be found in one of the deluxe editions of the album, the fandom freaked.

Now they know the Secret Session report was true, and they're freaking out over the new (old) lyrics.

Other reveals fans are loving from the Lover diary entries include things Swift wrote about her boyfriend of nearly three years, English actor Joe Alwyn.

Of course, Swifties are just thankful to have such an intimate look into Swift's thoughts and feelings from her journey to stardom.

On July 23, the same day Swift dropped "The Archer," Swift pointed out in an Instagram Live that 2019 marks 13 years since she has been releasing music. That being her lucky number, she decided now was the time to let her most dedicated fans see her diaries.

"I've been writing in diaries since I was 13 years old, and I've written about pretty much everything that's happened to me," she said in the live video, which now exists on her Instagram page in its own post. "I've written my original lyrics in those diaries, just feelings, you know. Lessons, things you go through, and that's been one of my ways of coping with things. I need to either write songs, or write something in order to process life. Good times and bad."

That's when she turned the camera around and revealed the stacks on stacks of diaries she had sitting in front of her, all of them marked with notes signifying some golden nugget of a memory she thought her fans would enjoy. In total, Swift copied 120 pages of her life's journals into the four different deluxe copies of Lover.

"It's everything from pictures drawn, photos of that time in my life. I used to tape stuff in my diaries, that stuff's all in there," Swift continued. Each journal has 30 pages from her own diaries, followed by blank pages for fans to write about their own lives in (a blank space, if you will). Based on tweets in response to Lover, the owners of these deluxe editions will undoubtedly put these pages to good use.

Lover is out now, along with so many juicy details about Taylor Swift's past. Read it and, if you're a diehard Swiftie, probably weep.