These tweets about Prince Philip's funeral show that he's made an enormous impact.

Prince Philip's Funeral Was Full Of Intricate Details That Royals Fans Pointed Out Online

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Following Prince Philip's April 17 funeral, his impact is being felt more than ever. The late Duke of Edinburgh was the longest serving consort of the British monarch, and royal fans have nothing but words of praise about his 70 years as Queen Elizabeth's husband. These tweets about Prince Philip's funeral show how much he will be missed.

Philip’s funeral was held at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. As the palace explained, the ceremony was a small one due to coronavirus, consisting of just 30 attendees. "The plans for the funeral are in line with The Duke of Edinburgh's own personal wishes, the palace said, adding that "the occasion will recognise and celebrate The Duke’s life and his more than 70 years of service to The Queen, the UK and the Commonwealth."

The funeral service began with a National Minute’s Silence at 3 p.m. and went on to highlight his biggest life accomplishments, especially his military involvement. Only Philip's immediate family were in attendance, but fans from across the globe tuned in to the day's events. For many, it was an emotional afternoon.

Members of the royal family were seen walking in procession behind Prince Philip's coffin as they made their way into the chapel. Prince William and Harry were reunited there, but didn't walk side-by-side during the first procession. Meghan Markle was not able to attend the funeral, as she took her doctor's advice to stay home due to her pregnancy.

As viewers tuned in, hundreds of tweets poured in which all seemed to share the same sentiment: Philip's impact on the UK was unquestionable.

Many tweets point out the impact of his death on Queen Elizabeth:

Others pointed out how beautiful the funeral service was:

In the wake of Prince Philip's death, Queen Elizabeth already made her first public solo statement on April 14, addressing the recent volcano eruptions in the Caribbean islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

As the world mourns for Philip, as well as the grief Queen Elizabeth is undoubtedly experiencing, it's clear that Philip's legacy will be remembered through history.