People On Twitter Are “Making A Song Single” & I Need These Songs ASAP

I've got pretty weird taste in music in the sense that, with the exception of EDM (I hate EDM, sue me), I like EVERYTHING. Country? Sign me up! Trap music? Love it! Frank Sinatra and James Dean classic hits? Cannot get enough of it! Reggae? Turn it up, mon! Sultry R&B? Looove. Of all of the music I've listened to from different genres I've noticed one common theme: like 90 percent of songs are about relationships, either being in one or ending one. Now people are posting tweets about making a song single with the hashtag #MakeASongSingle and the results are absolutely hilarious.

I mean, whether you're a Kodak Black-loving trap music fan or a diehard country fan who can't get enough of Jason Aldean, you can't argue with the fact that there is a large abundance of love songs out there. Some of them are about a side chick who wants to become a main chick (because she loves you). Some are about finally finding that one person you spent your whole life waiting for (because you realize you love them). Some are about meeting that person you spent your whole life waiting for...only to lose them and being sad about it (because you really loved them). Some are about the process of waiting to find that special one person (because you want to find love). But they're all about the same thing: love. So, needless to say, it's tough for people without any semblance of love in their lives to relate.

Now, with these tweet title remixes, single people can find some more relatable versions. Prepare to laugh in one of those omg-that's-the-realest-thing-I've-read-in-a-while ways.

It's like "Oops, I Did it Again" but gassier.

Literally what could love possibly have to do with me?

Forget "We are the World," I am the only one who matters here.

Lots of self knowledge going on in the world of singleness.

Forget you, I am the one God put the extra time into.

One way ticket to the friend zone please!

Sometimes there's a different sort of wind beneath your wings.

You can go whenever you want; I'm the only one I'm hanging on to.

Nobody loves me better than me.

Me, myself and I makes it three of us, technically speaking.

I found what I'm looking for; it's the who that's proving to be difficult.

Forget the sugar, you got any single in your spice cabinet?

Yep, looks like I'm totally alone.

Fun is overrated.

Leave the ring finger naked please.

The best part of being single? No more time wasted groveling over how wonderful someone else looks.

It's just never going to happen, dude.

So cute when two people come together...and nothing happens.

There's only one path towards finding the purest form of love: food.

Hey, it's me! The one you had no intention of finding!

OMG, you want to spend the rest of our lives together?? NOPE.

In order for us to get back together, we would have had to have been together in the first place.

Why sing in the rain when you can be single in the rain?

Just one singular boy back in town. No friends. No GF. No BF. No FWB. Just a boy.

Looks like the only option here is to not be with you.

Who wants to dance with somebody when you could take the dance floor solo?

Celibacy is the name of the game in the good times and the bad.

WTF are you doing standing by me like that? Let me LIVE.

Gotta look out for #1.

Yeah, I'll pass on the whole finding true love thing.

I just have a way with myself, ya know?

OMG a voicemail!! Oh, it's from myself...again.

Just a girl seeking some fun.

Consider yourself dumped.

"Hit Me Baby One More Time" but this time it's a threat.

OK, now I dare you to listen to these songs without hearing the single versions in your head. Spoiler alert: you won't be able to.

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