The 6 Surefire Signs You're Only His Side Chick And Nothing More

by Michelle Santoyo
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Ask anyone about dating in the age of Tinder, and they'll all let out an exasperated sigh.

These days, people are afraid to "settle" and are always searching for something better. Everyone is on this continuous journey to find the perfect partner.

And in this constant search for something better, you may get tossed aside without even realizing it. Even asking the infamous "what are we" question can come off as clingy.

This search for instant gratification has created a new role in the dating world: the dreaded side chick role.

But, how do you even know you're a side chick? If these signs describe your relationship, then you might be one:

1. He doesn't take you on dates.

Or if he does, it's always at the same place. Most of your dates are usually Netflix and chill nights because he doesn't want to risk running into anyone when he's with you. This would look like you two are dating, and he wouldn't want that.

For this reason, he will only frequent the same spot or avoid taking you out at all.

2. You have never met his friends.

If he doesn't take you seriously, there is no way you'll ever meet his buds.

However, there is an exception to this rule: If you two share mutual friends, then he will ONLY hang out with you around his friends and avoid one-on-one dates.

3. He only texts you during "booty-call hours."

This is what I call "the time between 10 pm and 6 am." Any texts you receive during this timeframe asking to "hang out" can only be perceived as one thing: a booty call.

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If you cave into it, then you are letting him know you are OK with being a side chick. Sorry, but there is no going back at this point.

4. There's no social media evidence of the two of you together.

He freaks out when you try to take any Snapchats with him in it, and don't even think about posting a photo of the two of you on Instagram.

This will give off the vibe that you two are an item, and he doesn't want to ruin the chance of finding an even better side chick to replace you.

5. He has a wall up around you.

Listen up: He knows this is a temporary fling. This makes him shut down any emotional aspects of your "relationship" because he doesn't want to get attached to you.

This is why he has the "I don't give a shit" attitude when you try to talk about your stressful AF day at work or about your passions.

Plus, if he makes himself feel vulnerable or develops an emotional attachment to you, it'll be that much harder to ghost you in a month.

6. You're just not a priority to him.

While all the above signs are quintessential red flags of being a side chick, they all share one commonality: You are not a priority in his life.

When we think about a side chick, we often associate it with another woman, but that's not always the case. His main chick could be his friends, work, school or a combination of them all.

I've been a side chick, I've had a side dude and I've dated men who have had side chicks. It all comes down to priorities.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, then you need to realize your worth. If you are simply an option to him and not a priority, then you just might be a side chick.