25 Signs He's Treating You Like His Side Piece

by Candice Jalili
20th Century Fox

You and this guy have been hooking up for weeks, months... heck, maybe it's been YEARS at this point.

Despite your best efforts, you've caught feelings for him, even though your friends have warned you that he's bad news. Even his friends have warned you.

He's never been able to give you exactly what you deserved, but you keep telling yourself that maybe, one day, things will change.

You know you deserve better, yet you still keep looking for signs to prove that, no, you're not just his side chick. You're not the lady he keeps waiting in the wings while he's out with other girls, with his guy friends, or doing anything else besides spending time with you.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but odds are, if you're worried about being the side piece, then you probably ARE the side piece.

Read through these 25 signs and STOP WONDERING. Confirm once and for all what's going on, and move on to bigger and better:

1. You only talk on weekends.

2. Most of your interactions are drunk.

3. You've never been on a real date.

4. You don't really have any inside jokes.

5. Snapchat is your main means of communication...

6. ...and yet he's still not your Snapchat best friend.

7. You have no mutual friends.

8. He makes no effort to meet your friends.

9. If you even proposed the idea of him meeting your family, he'd lose his mind.

10. He tells you nothing about his personal life. He could have been raised by wolves for all you know.

11. The only reason he hangs out with you is to have sex.

12. He spends all his time on his phone when he's with you.

13. He's made out with several of your friends.

14. He's been in lots of relationships, but he's never once asked you out properly.

15. He tells you that now is his "time to be single."

16. You only hang out on his terms.

17. And usually, that results in only meeting at midnight.

18. He mentions you so rarely, even his roommates can't remember your name.

19. He's super shady and secretive with his phone and laptop.

20. He doesn't remember anything you ever tell him.

21. He tells you small tidbits about his life, but you can tell he's holding back.

22. If you ever try to tag him in a picture, he immediately removes it.

23. Any meaningful conversation you've ever had has been while you guys were hammered.

24. If you ever ask a mutual friend about him, they always go on about him and his ex.

25. You always wonder where you stand with him.

I know it hurts, but at least now you know!