The 4 Subtle Clues The Guy You're Seeing Isn't Really That Into You

by Unwritten

New relationships are always scary and a little tumultuous in the beginning, but not everyone is worth your time.

This is especially true of the fuckboys out there who are trying to waste your time with mind games. In this new dating world with apps, blind dates and ulterior motives, you can never be too sure of anyone.

It's hard to determine if the guy you're seeing is just reserved or seriously not that into you.

If your new guy does any of the following things, consider this your cue to exit stage left.

1. He doesn't respect your opinion.

Being able to safely share thoughts and opinions is crucial to a developing relationship. If you're dating a guy that doesn't respect your thoughts, you need to get out of there.

At first, it'll seem like teasing, like he's poking fun at you, but then you'll start to notice he's always cutting you down.

Maybe you like your steak well done and not rare -- he'll be sure to make fun of you for it. Maybe you blast Beyonce in the shower -- he'll find a way to ding you on your mainstream music choices.

If he's going out of his way to consistently dismiss your opinion, it's a red flag that he doesn't respect you.

2. He consistently leaves you hanging.

Sometimes you send him a text and it takes him all day to respond. You make plans for a coffee date and he shows up a half an hour late. You ask him if he wants to catch the next showing of "Rogue One" and he conveniently waits until the day of to tell you he has plans — or doesn't say anything at all.

He leaves you hanging because you just aren't that important to him.

He got caught up doing something else because that was his priority, not you. Is this someone you want to go long-term with, or even consider dating at all?

3. He's made fun of you in front of his friends.

This could be a wide variety of things, like him showing his friends a bad picture of you (you know, the one while you were in the middle of eating or sneezing), or maybe even digging in about how bad you look.

Or maybe it's him dragging you about your sex life, PMS or other personal things. If he's using you as a public punchline in any capacity, you're a prop to him.

His friends are laughing at you, and it doesn't instinctively bother him because he doesn't care about you. He's getting exactly what he wants from you and doesn't really see a reason to take that any further, nor does he want to.

4. He doesn't go out of his way to talk to you.

The last time you guys spoke was when you texted him. The last time you saw each other was when you asked to make plans. He doesn't comment on your Facebook posts or like your Instagram pictures. Are you the driving force of this “relationship?”

If you stopped making an effort right now, would you probably never talk to him again? If he's not reaching out to you, he doesn't want to talk to you.

Consider this a huge sign that you need to be on your way out the door. You're worth more than a guy who puts out all the signs that he's just not that into you.

You deserve someone who is excited to see you and talk to you. If spending time with you is the furthest thing from his list of priorities, tell him off and go your separate ways. It's his loss.

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