10 Little Things Your Partner Will Do To Show You They're The One

by Anjali Sareen Nowakowski

Meeting "The One" will feel like nothing you've ever felt before.

It'll feel like you're in the right place at the right time. You'll be overwhelmed by happiness and this calming sense of reassurance that everything is alright. You'll just know you don't have to search for your soulmate anymore.

All of a sudden, it just clicks.

My husband and I decided to get married after less than five weeks of dating. Both of us had been pretty commitment-phobic before, but when we finally connected, we knew it was meant to be.

But what if you want some concrete proof? What are the telltale signs that this person is truly the one for you? Although there's no scientific way to assess this, there are some common signs that point to the beginning of an everlasting romance.

If your partner does the things on this list, you may have just found the relationship of a lifetime.

1. They'll Accept How Strange You Are (And Join In, Too)

The perfect guy will only add to all the strange things you do while continuing to make you feel accepted.

I never feel like I'm a weirdo around my husband. In fact, I feel like I finally met someone who will join in on the fun.

If I've just landed an unsuspecting wet willy on my husband, I can usually expect one right back in the next half-day or so as payback. He's comfortable doing weird stuff like that around me, as I am around him.

The One will be open to all the comically wacky parts of your personality, all while showing off their wacky side too.

2. They'll Always Be There To Cheer You On

Whether it's your next 5K or a nerve-racking speaking engagement, The One will be there as your biggest support system.

In fact, they'll probably be sitting front row.

My husband isn't exactly a huge fan of CrossFit, but he happily joined me at a partners' beach "Workout Of The Day" as soon as I asked.

He's my biggest fan and a reliable partner.

3.  They'll Want To Be With You As Much As You Want To Be With Them

In prior relationships, I always felt like the balance of how much time we wanted to spend together was just... off. Now that I'm married, I realize that in the right relationship, that equal balance is easy to find.

The One won't make you chase them for their time or attention.

Instead, they'll want to be with you as much as you want to be with them. And they'll make that clear with their actions.

4. They'll Never Try To Keep Secrets


The One will want to share everything with you and avoid keeping you in the dark when it comes to their life.

Within our first week of dating, my husband and I had laid everything out on the table. I knew about all of his prior relationships, accomplishments, missteps, and even rugby injuries.

He didn't need to keep anything from me.

Although not everything is strictly need-to-know, in a relationship with The One, you'll end up knowing it all: the good, the bad, and even the unnecessary. 

5. They'll Never Fail To Blow Your Mind In Bed

Every. Goddamn. Time.

6. They'll Understand Your Wants And Needs, Even If You Don't Always Understand Them Yourself

The One will understand that sometimes, you won't exactly know what you're feeling.

Lucky for you, they're around even when things get confusing. My husband implicitly understands when I need my space, and on the other hand, is there for me when I need comfort.

Your partner will understand exactly what's right for you, even if you don't.

7. They Won't Be Able To Get Enough of You, No Matter What You Look Like


Sometimes, I catch my husband dopily staring at me when I'm doing the lamest thing, like cleaning out the French press. He says he can't help it because he finds me beautiful all the time.

Normally, I tell him to get his glasses checked, but I still can't help but smile.

The One will be hooked on you, all the time, and not just when you're at your best.

It doesn't matter if you're dressed to the nines for a dinner party or groggily rolling out of bed at noon on a Sunday. The One will want you, no matter what.

8. They'll Always Turn To You For Advice

If your partner is asking you for help on a big decision or important call in their life, that's a good sign.

Asking for your advice shows that they trust you more than anyone else. More importantly, it shows that they think you have something special to offer them and that you'll have their best interests at heart.

They could run to anyone else but chose to turn to you.

The One will value your thoughts and opinions in this fashion.

9. They'll Make Little Trips Seem Like Big Adventures

The One will make every mundane adult task seem like a day at a theme park.

I used to be irritated by the mere thought of a grocery store trip, wanting it to be over as fast as possible. Now, I ride on the cart while my husband pushes it around, stopping at the toy aisle to play with light sabers.

That perfect partner of yours will want to continue making every day a crazy, rollercoaster adventure with you.

10. They'll Know You're The One, Too

When things just feel right, you'll know it. In fact, The One will tell you that they see you in the exact same light as you see them.

Through any ups and downs, your partner will be sure to remind you that they're not going anywhere. The One will understand your prior issues and make sure you know, again and again, how much they love you. Their unyielding desire to be by your side will be clear evidence of that.

If you think you've found The One, appreciate 'em. Embrace it. And if you're still feeling skeptical, a little reassurance from these points never hurt.

I can bet that chances are you've found your forever love.