Twitter Has FEELINGS About Ariana Grande's 'Disney Family Sing Along' Performance

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

ABC seriously dished out magic on The Disney Family Singalong. The special, hosted by Ryan Seacrest promised happiness, but Ariana Grande's "Won't Say I'm In Love" was the definition of a dream come true and fans were here for it.

The icon chose to sing "one of her favorite songs," which is from the Disney movie Hercules. Filmed on what looks like her phone, she belted out the familiar lyrics while wearing her classic pony. One of the most exciting parts (other than feeling like Grande was just sitting in my living room singing directly to me, of course) was how she sang the multiple parts to the song. She sang each different section of the song separately and edited them together – an iconic bonus fans never knew they needed. The multiple Grande's (six in total) were almost too much for Twitter to handle.

Grande joined other renowned artists including Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé during the live special to spread some much-needed wholesome content during the coronavirus crisis. From wearing purple (just like the character Meg did in the film) to belting out the lyrics from the floor of her closet, she was both relatable and mind-blowing.

In addition to being blown away by her cover, fans are now begging for Grande to be cast as Meg in a future live-action version of Hercules. While there's currently no reported plans of the film, after Disney sees fans' reactions, it only makes sense for it to be added to the live-action family.

In addition to her voice, Meg-like looks, and ability to sing not only her part, but the part of the muses, fans noticed another similarity to Grande and Meg.

Whether her iconic pony makes its debut in a Hercules live-action movie or not, there's no question about it: Disney pulled out all the stops for its dream-worthy singalong.

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