Beyonce performs during the "Disney Family Singalong"

Beyoncé Showed Up On 'The Disney Family Sing Along' & I'm Still Sobbing

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ABC officially proved magic is real. Beyoncé's "Wish Upon A Star" performance during the The Disney Family Singalong was exactly what the people at home needed. The icon surprised families around the country when her flawless faced popped up on their screens to offer a comforting message and some classic Bey vocal magic.

Viewers knew they were in for a treat when ABC released the performance list for The Disney Family Singalong. Everyone from Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato to Josh Groban and basically the entire cast of High School Musical were slated to perform. With so many stars, it would be impossible not to tune into the special. What viewers didn't know, however, is that the queen of music (and the world, if we're beyond honest), had a surprise for America.

After a commercial break, Beyoncé came onto fan's screens unannounced, and hearts around the country dropped. Filmed on what seemed to be her phone in selfie format, her soothing voice telling fans to "wish upon a star" was a breath of fresh air. ABC's choice to keep her appearance under wraps makes sense, considering the response from fans for the unexpected Disney-Bey crossover.

In addition to singing the heartfelt number, Beyoncé also dedicated the song to the health care workers who are working hard to keep the nation safe during the coronavirus pandemic. After singing, she took a moment to send some love to the community. "Please hold onto your families tight, please be safe, don't give up hope," she said. "We're going to get through this, I promise. God bless you."

Whether it was Beyoncés surprise performance, Ariana's amazing "Won't Say I'm In Love" cover, or the most epic High School Musical reunion that proved being a Wildcat is for life, Disney fans everywhere were given a little bit of extra hope and magic, thanks to The Disney Family Singalong.

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