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These Captions For Super Bowl 2021 Will Show Off Your Team Pride

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Gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday means planning your game day pics. You already have some ideas, like posing with your tasty appetizer spread or even pretending you're at the stadium. For those pictures, you'll need to have some of these witty Super Bowl 2021 Instagram captions that will be total winners on your feed.

In the past, you may have gathered with a bunch of friends for the game and shared snacks like guacamole, pretzel bites, and chicken wings. But, this year, you'll be watching the game casually at home with just your roommates due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that gathering virtually poses the lowest risk of potentially contracting and/or spreading the coronavirus. However, staying home doesn't mean you won't have tons of fun.

You and your roommates can make some of your favorite snacks, pose in your jerseys, and cheer on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs. You can even FaceTime your BFFs to see their reactions to The Weeknd's halftime show. When you're standing in the kitchen with your chips and salsa, and in front of the TV hoping for touchdowns, be sure to pull out your phone and snap some pics.

You never know what great poses you may capture to post on your IG feed. These 25 Super Bowl 2021 captions will pair with them nicely and show off your team pride.

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1. "The team pride is strong today."

2. "I'll take another chicken wing, please!"

3. "Eye on the prize."

4. "My team can't be beat."

5. "This may be the most exciting day of quarantine yet."

6. "My game day face is showing."

7. "Welcome to our very own football stadium."

8. "Yes, halftime!"

9. "But first, let's take a selfie with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers."

10. "You're the Kansas City Chiefs of my heart."

11. "I'll be sitting right here on the couch with my guac all night."

12. "Face masks? Check. Football? Check."

13. "I'm here for the commercials."

14. "The Super Bowl means fun food."

15. "Drop your game day prediction below!"

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16. "Jumping into the Super Bowl pool!

17. "Just pretending I'm in the stands. How about you?"

18. "Alright, put me in coach."

19. "Is there a football game on?"

20. "This counts as virtually hanging out with my team, right?"

21. "Football Sundays for the win."

22. "Are you ready for some football?"

23. "Friends, FaceTime, football."

24. "Dipping chips and watching the game."

25. "Proud to be a football fan."

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