These Self-Care TikTok Videos May Inspire You To Revamp Your Routine

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Establishing a self-care routine that works best for you doesn't have to be a struggle, thanks to one of the latest trends taking over TikTok. TikTokers are posting self-care routine videos that may inspire you to revamp your "me time" at home. Ranging from exercises to DIY crafts, you might find something that easily checks off your unique self-care needs.

If you're not scrolling through your "For You" or "Following" pages, you're probably on the "Discover" section scoping out what's currently trending. This is a great place to explore new recipes and workouts, but under the #SelfCareRoutine is where all these amazing how-to's exist. The hashtag has over a billion views, which comes to show how important a self-care routine is and why now may be the prime time to give yours a mindful update.

Since everyone's routine is unique to themselves, you'll notice there are a variety of videos to see. Some people have posted their early morning stretches, DIY beauty projects, and easy-to-follow snack recipes. Whatever you're on the lookout for, it's most likely under this hashtag. But alas, scrolling through video after video can be extremely time consuming. To help you kick things off, these self-care TikTok videos are some highlights of what's out there.

Making Quick And Delicious Snack Recipes

TikTok can be a solid place to find the latest foodie trends like avocado roses and pancake cereal, along with yummy, easy-to-follow snack recipes. This TikTok video covers five different snacks you can whip up at home like apple crumble and nut butter on dates. This user also has a recipe for quick, "healthier peanut butter cups," which sound #yum.

Crafting Self-Love Intention Candles

In the time it takes to watch one TikTok video, you could gather all the instructions you need to start a fun DIY project, like these beautiful self-love candles. All you need are herbs and tea light candles to create these sweet intention candles to keep for yourself and gift to friends.

Doing Stretches That'll Wake Your Body Up In The Morning

You may enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning, paired with some stretching. Get your body up and moving by trying any of these simple stretches when you wake up.

DIY Skincare For A Pampering Session

It's always time to treat yourself at home with a DIY spa day. In between giving yourself a manicure and putting on your favorite face mask, you might want to make these DIY under-eye pads. All you need is turmeric, honey, milk, and cotton rounds to make the skincare magic happen.

Consider These Daily Morning Steps

If you're looking for something inspiring to do first thing, you might want to channel TikTok user @spiritofellis' morning routine. It consists of 10 minutes of meditation, writing down three things you're grateful for, and noting three things you want to accomplish that given day. To kick things off, there are plenty of journals with prompts out there you can jot down your thoughts in.

A Fun, IG-Worthy Bath Scrub

Make yourself a rainbow body scrub that's beyond Instagram-worthy and enjoyable. This super simple recipe requires only sugar, coconut oil, and food coloring. You can even make a few extra batches for your besties.