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These Daily Journals Have Little Prompts To Help You Practice Gratitude

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Practicing gratitude can become part of your daily routine if you have one of these adorable and inspiring journals with prompts by your side. These journals can help you kickstart your gratitude practice, and might bring more good vibes into your life.

With a journal, you can jot down what relaxing things you did that day, what you're looking forward to, and what meals you truly enjoyed in the company of your significant other or by yourself. You can reflect on how it felt to accomplish a certain task on your to-do list, or try out a new fitness app during a free afternoon. You can even put down on paper anything you're looking forward to or want to do differently.

You may find that you love writing in these journals before going to bed, because it allows you to chill out and have a more restful sleep. You may find that you want to quickly write down three things you're grateful for in the morning before logging onto work and tackling the day. There's a prompted journal for you, no matter what your gratefulness goals are. If you're in the market for one, start with the eight listed below.

This Journal Is Simple And Comes With Cute Pens

Welcoming more gratitude into your life may be a matter of taking five minutes to recognize the joys you experienced that given day. It doesn't have to be a drawn-out process; it can be done while you're enjoying breakfast or simply waiting for the shower to warm up. This set from Alleyoop gives you space to jot down what you're grateful for whenever and wherever feels best for you. It also comes with cute, pun-filled pens.

This Journal Is Philosophical To Its Core

If you're committed to starting a gratitude practice, you may want to pick up The Daily Stoic Journal. This journal lasts for 366 days and encourages you to get really philosophical. Each week, the journal teaches you a Stoic, or ancient, practice and presents you with quotes that might make you think deeper about how you're living versus how you want to live. After applying the tools to your everyday life, the journal will help you reflect and track your progress.

This Journal Is Beautiful And Super Thorough

The floral cover of this journal will instantly catch your eye, and what's on the inside will win your heart over in more ways than one. Each page is covered with several prompts to guide you through the day and a grateful life. The prompts require noting things you did that were fun or instances where you were kind to yourself on that given day, how you're feeling physically, and coming up with a meaningful intention.

This Journal Will Let You Reflect In The Morning And At Night

The Five Minute Journal from Intelligent Change lets you take five minutes at the start and at the end of your day to practice gratitude. It allows you to jot down affirmations and what will make that day great, so you can start off on the right foot. Then, it allows you to reflect on what actually happened. If you'd prefer to do this on your phone, there's also an app you can download for $4.99.

This Journal Is Like A Time Capsule

Practicing gratitude can be a lifelong thing, and this journal will help you begin by giving you a new question to reflect on each time you open it up. The kick is this: A year later, you'll answer the same exact question. You'll be able to see how you've changed and how your life is different from 365 days ago.

This Journal Is All About Happiness And Gratitude

This journal helps you break from routines that don't bring you any joy, and encourages you to take charge of your gratitude. The best part is, you may find yourself recognizing many more of the happy moments in your day after sticking with it for a bit.

This Journal Is Made For Manifesting Your Dreams

What's keeping you from kickstarting your gratitude practice? If you pick up this journal by Rachel Hollis, you may realize that you shouldn't wait a second longer to thank the universe for your joys. If you follow Hollis' guide to all things gratitude and manifest your dreams, you may find yourself living your #bestlife. You might envision what you want for yourself next when it comes to your career, relationships, or self-care practice, too.

This Journal Is A Guide To Mindful Living

The Well Journal designed by wellness coach Mia Rigden gives you a place to write down the meals you've enjoyed in a day and what you're grateful for. It proposes one thing: A healthy life has multiple facets. Purchase it if you're looking to keep track of your feelings, vent, and reflect on what went well in your days.

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