A 'Schitt's Creek' gingerbread house looks exactly like the Rosebud Motel.
These 'Schitt's Creek' Gingerbread Houses Are The Total Opposite Of "Ew"

Schitt's Creek fans have been very busy creating gingerbread houses inspired by the Rosebud Motel, and they're a sight to see. They take the holiday tradition to an entirely new and tasty level, with candies sunk into white frosting to resemble bricks, and gumdrops that look like bushes. Long story short: These Schitt's Creek gingerbread houses are the total opposite of "ew." They're actually quite the Schitt.

They stand out like one of David Rose's sweaters or Moira Rose's eclectic outfits, with their strips of lights and fancy candy signs. If you pranced into your kitchen and saw one on your counter, you'd probably point at it in awe. If you're also a fan of Schitt's Creek, the incredibly funny Netflix show that has taken the world and award shows by storm, then you will be sure to pick up on the tiniest details right off the bat.

These gingerbread houses inspired by Schitt's Creek really don't miss out on anything, including the trendy Rose Apothecary store and the lights under the motel awning. Most are paired with a witty Instagram caption quoting iconic phrases from the show like, "Simply the best." Check them out here, and snag some inspo for your very own gingerbread house competition.

This Gingerbread Motel Is So Cute, You'll Want To Stay

This gingerbread house inspired by Schitt's Creek is a candy lover's dream. It uses tree-shaped gumdrops for decorations near the doors, and outlines the windows with dark frosting. All in all, Alexis would likely approve of this creation as it has a quirky, spontaneous, and creative vibe — much like the character herself.

This Gingerbread Creation Includes Rose Apothecary

You can't forget about Rose Apothecary when you're creating a gingerbread house replica of Schitt's Creek. This creation doesn't sleep on the shop, and even writes "One of a kind" and "Locally sourced" on the windows. It's completed by a massive tree that's lightly decorated, and looks oh-so tasty. David and Patrick would likely be very proud.

This Gingerbread Motel Features The Hilarious Schitt's Creek Sign

The signs on this Schitt's Creek-inspired gingerbread house are pretty iconic. They capture the vibe of the town, and clearly took a little time and effort to put together. On top of the super well-molded signs, this confection gingerbread motel features adorable bushes, candy brick accents, and a shingle roof. It's "simply the best" in our books.

This Gingerbread House Features Your Fave Quotes

Schitt's Creek certainly has no shortage of witty quotes. Those quotes probably make an appearance in group chats regularly. This gingerbread house crafter put those quotes all over their creation to make you actually feel like you're walking into the town. As you look at it, you won't be able to help saying things like, "Best wishes, warmest regards."

This Gingerbread House Has The Prettiest Garland

The seasonal details of this gingerbread house are so Insta-worthy. There's the garland that's sprinkled with ornaments, the "O" that's been turned into a wreath, and the snow that nicely covers the roof and walkways. If you look closely, you'll even see candles in the windows of the motel.