A woman cuts veggies for a pizza wrap while her partner takes a picture for TikTok.
These Pizza Wrap TikToks Will Instantly Make Your Mouth Water

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Why have a standard slice of pizza when you can turn it into something so much more? TikTokers are putting their own spin on this classic cheesy treat, and you'll be totally hooked. You may remember the tortilla trend that recently took over your "For You" page. Now, there are pizza wrap TikToks that will have you looking forward to your next meal.

What you'll need to make your very own pizza wrap is a tortilla, pizza sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings. It’s as simple as that. You'll want to follow the same steps as the #TortillaTrend, and slice a quarter of your tortilla. That way, you can fold your pizza wrap into triangle-shaped sections on top of one another. Before you fold, though, add a topping to each section of your wrap. Then, once your wrap's all folded over, you can use a panini press or pan to melt everything together.

This savory treat is the perfect lunch, dinner, or snack to enjoy on National Pizza Day (Feb. 9) and beyond. You could even make cute mini pizza wraps to serve on the side of your movie night charcuterie board. The pizza-bilities are endless, and these pizza wrap TikToks will help inspire you to create your very own.

This Vegan Pizza Wrap Has Mushrooms And Vegan Sausage

This vegan pizza wrap is a must-try, whether you're vegan or not. It has mushrooms, spinach, and vegan sausage all pressed together to create a mouthwatering snack. It's prepared by TikToker Darlene Octavia (@darlene_octavia) who has plenty of other vegan TikTok recipes you'll want to check out, too.

This Pizza Wrap Will Remind You Of Lunchables

If assembling this pizza wrap takes you back to grade school, it's probably because it looks very similar to pizza Lunchables. Follow TikToker Chloe Todd's (@chlosworld) recipe to create a tasty pizza wrap that's filled with cold cuts.

This Pizza Wrap Is Pan-tastic

Don't have a panini press? No problem. You can always heat up your pizza wrap in a pan like TikToker Filipe Custodio (@_filipecustodio_) does in this video. Once you wrap your pizza, pour some olive oil in a pan. Cook it like you would a quesadilla or pancake.

This Pizza Wrap Is A "Flavor Bomb"

The key to preparing a perfect pizza wrap is using fresh ingredients like TikToker Cooking with Ayeh (@cookingwithayeh) does in this video. This pizza wrap contains mushrooms, vegan pepperoni, tomatoes, and herbs. When everything's pressed together, it creates a "flavor bomb in every bite," according to this TikToker.

This Pizza Wrap Is Perfectly Seasoned

While the cheese and sauce are necessary ingredients, you can't forget to add herbs and spices. Parsley and oregano can really bring out the flavors in your pizza wrap. So, follow TikToker Romancia Mannix (@rhmbeauty) for a recipe you can't say oregano to.

This Pizza Wrap Is Easy To Order

If you don't have the ingredients to make a pizza wrap from scratch, have a pizza delivered. Then, follow the lead of TikToker Kurtious (@kurtious) by placing your pizza pie on top of your tortilla and fold. It's absolutely perfect for days when you're super hungry and don't feel like doing a lot of prep work.

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