Victor in Hulu's 'Love, Victor'
These ‘Love, Simon’ Easter Eggs In ‘Love, Victor’ Will Make You So Happy


Leading up to the release of Hulu's spinoff series Love, Victor, fans were curious to see just how connected it would be to Love, Simon. Based on the trailer, it was clear Simon — the main character in the 2018 film — would play a some sort of role in the new plot. What fans didn't know, however, what just how many crossover moments the series would have. These Love, Simon easter eggs in Love, Victor make it clear the writers were just as excited as the fans were to return to Creekside High.

Warning: Spoilers for Love, Victor Season 1 follow. It makes sense there would be plenty of nods to the film in the 10-episode series, since Love, Victor's creators Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger actually wrote Love, Simon. Plus, Nick Robinson (who played Simon in the film) is part of the series both as a producer and as his former character.

While the story of Victor's (Michael Cimino) self-discovery journey is both touching and entertaining, it's the small nods to the original film (many of which are hidden in plain sight) that just might make fans of the original movie fall in love with the spinoff. Here's what you might have missed the first time around:

The Winter Carnival

As fate would have it, Victor's first day of school landed on the same day as the annual Winter Carnival. This event is where Simon built up the courage to come out to the world by asking his secret (then not-so-secret, after his emails were leaked) crush to meet him at the Ferris wheel. When "Blue" (aka Simon's now-boyfriend, Bram) showed up, the two kissed as the crowd cheered them on.

Since Victor's Winter Carnival experience happened early on in the season, he didn't have any big, revelatory coming-out moment, but it still gave fans a thrill to see the iconic setting come back.

The Ferris Wheel
20th Century Fox / Hulu

The same Ferris wheel where Simon and Bram (Keiynan Lonsdale) shared their first kiss is where Victor and Mia (Rachel Hilson) officially become an item in the eyes of the school. What made fans really freak out was that Victor almost went up to Benji and asked him to ride with him (similar to what Simon did in the movie), but panicked at the last moment and instead, asked a girl.

Ms. Albright

Fans remember Ms. Albright (Natasha Rothwell) as the badass drama teacher who told off the students ridiculing Simon after he was outed. Welp, she got promoted to vice principal in Love, Victor, and she's the one who filled Victor in on Simon and Bram's love story, setting the entire events of the series into motion. Another win for Ms. Albright.

Mr. Worth

Viewers loved the comic relief Mr. Worth (Tony Hale) brought to the film, and while the fan-fave wasn't actually in the Hulu series (at least not in Season 1), there is a nod to his absence. Ms. Albright told Victor the old vice principal went to India to "find his bliss" and was bitten by a monkey. She mentioned he was "quarantined until further notice" which could mean there's potential for his character to come back in future seasons (maybe once Albright is promoted to principal?).

Creek Secrets

In a very Gossip Girl-esque move, Love, Simon had an anonymous forum on which the Creekside High students could write about themselves or snitch on their friends. Simon eventually got outed when his secret emails with "Blue" were posted to Creek Secrets, so you'd think the site would get shut down after that. But alas, on Victor's first day of school, Mia's best friend, Lake (Bebe Wood) snapped a photo of Victor and told him it's for her Creek Secrets post, indicating the forum is still going strong.

Simon's Jacket
Hulu / 20th Century Fox

The day Simon went back to school after being outed, he wore the legendary denim jacket that's now part of his signature look. While fans noted Victor wears a similar jacket throughout the season, it was his visit to Simon in New York City that brought about a major callback to the movie.

While in the city, Simon passed his own jacket onto Victor as a way to "remember the trip," but also a token of strength, acceptance, and, TBH, fashion goals.

Love, Victor is now streaming on Hulu.