Nick Robinson who stars as Simon Spier in 'Love, Simon' shows up in Hulu's 'Love, Victor'

OK So, Here's The Deal With Simon's Role In 'Love Victor'

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When Love, Victor hit Hulu on June 17, fans were immediately pulled into the next chapter of the LGBTQ love story started by Love, Simon. The 10-series spinoff introduced a brand-new storyline, with a new set of characters struggling to find their own way as teens. But still, with the show taking place in the same high school as Love, Simon, fans of the 2018 film have been wondering whether Simon appears in Love, Victor. Now, they finally have their answer.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of Love, Victor follow. Season 1 of the new show followed 16-year-old Victor (Michael Cimino) as he settled into his new school (Simon's alma mater) and adjusted to life in Atlanta. After hearing about Simon's (Nick Robinson) positive coming-out journey, Victor messaged Simon on Instagram to talk through his own mixed-up feelings about his sexuality.

Though fans knew Robinson would be part of the series as the narrator and a producer, it was unclear whether his character would actually make a physical appearance in the show. However, when the full-length Love, Victor trailer dropped on May 26 and showed a glimpse of Simon's love interest, Bram, viewers immediately guessed that meant Simon would also show up somewhere along the line.

For a while during the series, it seemed as if Simon would really just be a bodiless voice of reason for Victor. But then, in Episode 8, fans were greeted with the cameo of all cameos. The episode, titled, "Boy's Trip," showed Victor taking a last-minute trip to visit Simon in New York and check out the city's gay scene. Upon arriving, however, he received a message from Simon saying he's out of town but his boyfriend (!) Bram would show him around.

Throughout the episode, Bram and Simon's roommates showed Victor the ins and outs of being gay in the Big Apple. However, things took a turn for the dramatic at a gay club, when one of the roommates revealed they knew about Benji (which Victor thought was a secret between him and Simon). Embarrassed, Victor rushed out of the club, and he bumped right into the real-life Simon, who came back to the city to surprise Victor.

Simon told Victor the reason he talked to his roommates about Benji was because he didn't want to say the wrong thing. The two reconciled, and then continued their pen-pal friendship once Victor returned back home.

While a Season 2 is yet to be officially confirmed, a writer's room is reportedly already exploring storylines for future episodes. Whether that means fans will learn more about Simon and Bram's relationship in addition to Victor and Benji's budding romance, viewers will have to wait to find out.

Love, Victor Season 1 is streaming now on Hulu.