The 'Love, Victor' Trailer features Bram from 'Love, Simon.'

Here's Why 'Love, Simon' Fans Are Losing It Over The 'Love, Victor' Trailer


Although Hulu's upcoming teen drama Love, Victor is set within the same world as the 2018 movie Love, Simon, fans of the original film were unclear on whether any of the movie's characters would make an appearance. Well, the full-length trailer for Love, Victor just gave everyone an answer, and a split-second scene has the fandom freaking out. Bram is in Hulu's Love, Victor trailer, which totally opens the doors for other Love, Simon connections in the follow-up series.

The newly released trailer makes it pretty clear that although Love, Victor will share some core similarities to Love, Simon, Victor's love story is going to be much different from Simon's. Like Simon, Victor will also struggle to find the best way to live out his truth in high school, and he even reaches out to Simon in an email to get some advice. But as Victor himself points out, Simon was lucky enough to have super-supportive parents and friends to be there for him, whereas the trailer shows Victor's loved ones being much more closed off.

There's also the fact that Simon was in the dark about the identity of his crush, knowing him only by his online pseudonym "Blue," but it seems Victor will fall hard for his musician classmate Benji.

Despite the differences, the trailer revealed there will be at least one key player important in both stories: Bram. A very quick shot at the end of the Love, Victor trailer shows the Love, Simon character looking back and smiling, confirming he will appear in the new show.

Although Bram's appearance was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, it was enough to make every Love, Simon fan freak out.

[Spoiler alert: If you still haven't seen Love, Simon, you may want to skip this part.] A big reason everyone is so excited about Bram's cameo is because it teases the potential of even more Love, Simon crossovers. At the end of Love, Simon, Blue was revealed to have been Bram all along, and he and Simon began dating. So, Bram showing up in the Love, Victor trailer also suggests Simon himself may appear in the new series, giving Victor (and fans) a look into his life after the movie — including his relationship with Bram. Maybe Simon will suggest Victor pay him and Bram a visit after reading his emails? Nick Robinson (who played Simon) is producing and narrating the new show, after all, so it seems like he would definitely be available for a cameo.

Fans will have to wait to see whether more Love, Simon characters pop up in Love, Victor when the new series premieres on Hulu on June 19.