Hulu's 'Love, Victor'  Season 2

Here's Everything We Know About 'Love, Victor's Chances Of Getting A Season 2


If you never got over the pure joy (and ugly-crying) brought on by Love, Simon, you likely slammed the "play" button the moment its spinoff series dropped on Hulu. Love, Victor certainly filled the void left by the original 2018 film — and introduced fans to new characters to adore — but one season likely isn't enough to satisfy your need for feel-good content. That means the question of whether Love, Victor will get a Season 2 on Hulu is a big one. Here's what we know:

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of Love, Victor ahead. Love, Victor, which was released on June 17, focuses on the titular Victor, a new kid at Simon's old high school. On Victor's first day, he learns about Simon's coming-out journey, and immediately feels a kinship with him. As a teen questioning his own sexuality, Victor messages Simon on Instagram and the two begin a penpal-like friendship.

Victor spends the 10-episode season dealing with family drama, making friends, grappling with his socioeconomic status, and coming to terms with his attraction to guys. Just like with Love, Simon, the season ends with a big, dramatic kiss. Also just like Love, Simon, the show leaves fans desperate to know what happens next.

Luckily, according to Deadline, a writer's room has already been assembled for Season 2, and the team is reportedly exploring storylines for future episodes. While it's likely nothing will be confirmed until a few weeks after Season 1's premiere date (since most streamers evaluate the success of a series' season before green-lighting a new one), the odds appear to be in fans' favor.

Love, Victor's Season 1 ending left fans with a ton of questions: Do Mia and Andrew get together? Will Victor and Benji finally start dating? What's going to happen with Victor's parents?

Clearly, there's plenty more material for writers to work with, should Love, Victor get a second season.

Love, Victor Season 1 is now streaming on Hulu.