These "Kissing Bridges" Have The Most Romantic Meaning For Your Photo Shoot With Bae

If you're currently in a summer romance, then you've probably planned some beach days with bae. You've already packed the s'mores supplies, and thought about how sweet roasting marshmallows will be with your significant other by your side. Yes, you have a lot of adventures coming your way, from camping trips to snuggling up under a blanket and doing some stargazing. But, you've likely never considered these "kissing bridges" in Ohio that are perfect for a little photo shoot, no matter what the season may be. Just pucker up, OK?

It all started with once upon a time — or at least, that's what I'm lead to believe, considering these covered bridges look like they came straight out of a fairy tale. I mean, can't you imagine your favorite romantic comedies having a scene located in a place like this? If you're a daydreamer like me, you can probably already picture yourself strolling around one of these charming spots located in Fairfield County, Ohio, and capturing a few pics for social media along the way.

According to Visit Fairfield County, these structures gained popularity back in the 1800s and early 1900s to shield the bridges underneath them from all of the Earth's elements. There are a few still standing in places such as Yosemite National Park, but this rural county is home to many of what's left. People believed sharing a kiss with bae under a covered bridge is supposed to be good luck. So, I'd say book a trip ASAP.

Charles Holliday Covered Bridge
Visit Fairfield County

These "kissing bridges" truly just transport you to simpler times, when it wasn't even possible to find love through a screen. Seriously, when these structures were built, there was no such thing as Tinder or worrying about swiping left or right. So, if you're looking for a reason to get yourself to somewhere so rural, then look to all of the beauty of disconnecting from the modern world while having a sweet date with bae. I particularly love the white wood of the Charles Holliday Covered Bridge. Snap a pic for me, please!

Hartman II Covered Bridge
Visit Fairfield County

Even if you're not planning on staying long in Fairfield County, one of these covered bridges could make a sweet stop during a road trip across the country. Maybe you're headed to those dreamy spots along the Pacific Coast Highway for endless sun and surf with bae this summer. You'll get pictures in the waves and under palm trees, but nothing will quite compare to the effortless romance you can capture on a "kissing bridge."

The Hartman II Covered Bridge in Lockville Park, in particular, has a very rustic feel and almost looks like a barn. Are you and your significant other country music fans? Maybe then, this is the place for you.

Hanaway Covered Bridge
Visit Fairfield County

According to Visit Fairfield County, the Hanaway Covered Bridge was actually just restored in 2017. Over the years, it had seen a lot of damage, including a tree that had fallen directly onto the bridge. But, now it's back and better than ever — and totally ready for your cute pics with bae.

The wood of this bridge makes it so earthy and outdoorsy. So, if you and your significant other are an adventurous duo, then you may want to consider putting this place near the top of your bucket list. In between hikes you'll need a break to recharge anyway, right?

Johnson Covered Bridge
Visit Fairfield County

I'm getting all sorts of moody vibes from the Johnson Covered Bridge, and I really don't mind it. Depending on the look you're going for on your feed, you may be looking for a covered bridge that almost seems a bit modern. With the black and the white perfectly contrasting the greenery surrounding this structure, it's bound to make a bold statement for your followers.

After all, you and your bae are unstoppable, and nothing will show that off better than a bridge with a bit of personality. Are you still with me on this one?

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge
Visit Fairfield County

Personally, I'd love to visit this "kissing bridge" in the fall. Typically, when the summer starts to slow down, you and your significant other go on apple picking dates or hit up the local fairs. But, sharing a sweet smooch on a picture-perfect bridge will make for a pretty memorable moment in your relationship.

Imagine being surrounded by the colorful leaves and finding some peace and quiet. Sure, those adventures you've had in the city together were some of your favorite. Snuggling on this bridge while wearing some cozy sweaters creates some serious competition, though.

Rock Mill Covered Bridge
Visit Fairfield County

Last but not least, the Rock Mill Covered Bridge is where you want to go if you're hoping to score some sweet snaps with your significant other. Visit Fairfield County reveals to Elite Daily that this "kissing bridge," in particular, was named "the most beautiful place in Fairfield County due to its iconic and unique look." So, clearly it's a must-see.

You and bae will stroll under and the rustic structure, and see all the beauty of the area. Sometimes escaping into fairy tale-like places is exactly what you need to recharge in the summer, too. Don't forget to pucker up, though — especially since it's supposedly good luck.