These Kind Frozen Bar flavors include 2 options, like Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter.

These Kind Frozen Bars Are A Chilly Take On A Classic

Courtesy of Kind

Kind Frozen bars are coming to grocery stores and there are two tasty flavors to choose from. Featuring some fun, chocolatey flavor combinations, you can snap up a box from the frozen aisle on your next grocery trip. These Kind Frozen bar flavors are now available nationwide to make your summer sweeter.

Kind Frozen bars were first introduced back in May 2019 as a Walmart exclusive item, beginning with the Kind Frozen Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar flavor. A second flavor, the Frozen Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter bar was also introduced after the initial launch. In February 2020, Kind announced it would expand its lineup, offering its Kind Frozen bars and other treats at various retailers in select states. The frozen bites remained a Walmart exclusive until May 2020, when the product began to spread to other retailers, but didn't launch nationally. Kind announced the plant-based frozen bars are now available at grocery stores nationwide on its official website on Tuesday, July 21.

The Kind Frozen bars come in two flavors: the Kind Frozen Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt and the Kind Frozen Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter bar. The Dark Chocolate Almond bar features an almond milk base, dark chocolate, almond and peanut pieces, and sea salt for a salty-sweet combo. The Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter bar has the same creamy almond milk base, dark chocolate, peanut butter, and crunchy peanuts.

You can buy Kind Frozen bars at Walmart, Target, and other major retailers, as well as on Kind's official website. Both flavors are available in a 5-count box for $5.49 or $6.00 per pack. You can also buy the bars individually for $1.49 to $1.99 each.

Courtesy of Kind

Kind also announced a special contest to celebrate the national launch of Kind Frozen. Anyone who signs up for the contest now through Tuesday, July 28 at 6:59 p.m. ET will have a chance to win Kind Frozen bars delivered via a trained bird, a drone, or a hot air balloon. The three lucky winners will get to eat their Kind Frozen bars at a virtual ice cream social with Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski. To enter, you can fill out the contest entry form here. Winners will be notified on or around Thursday, July 30.

When you go on your next shopping trip to grab a box of Kind Frozen bars, remember to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) coronavirus pandemic guidance. As of June 15, the CDC advises against making unnecessary shopping trips and recommends wearing a cloth face covering over your nose and mouth when out in public. You should also maintain a distance of six feet from others when possible, use contactless payment methods, and sanitize your hands after the store.

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