These KIND Frozen Bars Drizzled With Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Are Perfect For Summer

by Collette Reitz
Courtesy Of KIND Snacks

As a huge proponent of snacking between meals, I get very excited whenever a new snack option comes out. Once the weather gets warm, I tend to gravitate toward cold bites like fresh fruit from the fridge and, of course, sweet snacks like ice cream and popsicles. While I do love biting into crunchy, chewy granola bars from time to time, they don't really help cool you down when the temperature rises. If you do want the taste of snack bar paired with cooling refreshment, then you're probably interested in where to get KIND Frozen bars.

KIND Snacks announced its latest innovation on Thursday, May 16, and it sounds like it might just become a summer staple. Per the press release, new KIND Frozen bars are the first offering in the "frozen category" for the company. The snack is described as a "frozen creamy nut bar," and the first and only flavor of this new treat is Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt.

If the sound of a frozen nut bar made with almonds, dark chocolate, and sea salt piques your interest, then you'll be happy to know the KIND Frozen bars are currently available at select Walmart locations nationwide, per a KIND Snacks spokesperson.


If you're adding KIND Frozen bars to your grocery list right now, you'll also be glad to know there are a few buying options, depending on if you want to dive right in to stock up on the new flavor or if you just want to give it a taste. A one-serving single KIND Frozen bar costs $1.37 for the 2-ounce bar, and a six-pack of 2-ounce bars will cost you $5.97, according to current pricing on the Walmart website. If you're going for the best deal, the six-pack comes out to less than a buck per bar. Prices may vary by location, though, so you might want to check with your local store for exact numbers.

Currently, delivery is not available for online purchase, but you can call your local Walmart location before you go to see if they have the Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt KIND Frozen bars in stock.

Courtesy of Kind Snacks

Daniel Lubetzky, Founder & CEO of KIND, shared in the press release just how excited the brand is to make its foray into the freezer aisle. Per the release, Lubetzky explained:

KIND Frozen upholds our brand's promise and is consistent with how we've always entered new categories — with an eye to creatively elevate people's overall experience. We're thrilled that KIND Frozen is disrupting the category by leading with almonds.

KIND Snacks' focus on "nutrient-dense" almonds is a common theme in the brand's offerings, so it's no surprise its first chilled offering is "a frozen creamy nut bar made from nutrient-dense almonds, layered with smooth dark chocolate and sea salt."

Currently, Walmart is the only retailer selling the KIND Frozen bars, and there are no immediate details surrounding a possible expansion, per a KIND Snacks spokesperson. If you don't have a Walmart near you, though, you can always enjoy the brand's other offerings, like KIND nut bars (the dark chocolate cinnamon pecan flavor is one of my faves!). Or, if you're hitting the road this summer, you can try to find a Walmart along your route to fuel up with a KIND Frozen bar. However you get your hands on the new frozen treat, I wish you happy snacking!