A side by side image features a woman wearing Hanukkah pajamas.
These Hanukkah Pajamas For Family Zooms Show Your Cozy Quarantine Status

Your Hanukkah celebrations are likely going virtual this year, but you can still get festive with your family and friends by wearing pajamas to your Zoom event. To be clear, we're not talking about just any 'ole pajamas, even though your fleece snowflake pants are real cute. We're referring to Hanukkah pajamas for family Zooms and the cozy pics you'll take at home this holiday season.

These cozy Hanukkah pajamas are the kind you can totally get your fun-loving aunts, uncles, siblings, and cousins to wear at the same time as you do, from the comfort and safety of their own homes. As of Nov. 27, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends celebrating the holidays at home with only your immediate housemates. So whether you're at home with your family who you've been quarantining with, or planning to Zoom with friends and family, you'll be dressed in the spirit of the holiday.

Some of these PJs feature a menorah, dreidel, and even puns like "I love you a latke." Some are just a simple T-shirt, which you can pair with pajama pants you already have before you log onto Zoom. Others are a full 'fit that'll be the highlight of your virtual gathering, and a memory that your family will look back on in the future. If your family celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas, there are some pajama options out there for you as well.

No matter which PJs you choose, one thing will be certain: Your Hanukkah pajamas will be comfortable, and the most festive item in your closet to date. Be sure to show them off on Zoom by walking toward your screen as if you're in a fashion show, and taking a bunch of cute pics in the spirit of the holiday right at home.

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These Pajamas With A Flannel Pattern

When the temperature begins to drop, you typically put out everything flannel-patterned that you own. This year, right before your virtual gathering, whip out this pajama set ($20, Target) that's super cozy and lets you casually sport the menorah. Put your hair in a festive scrunchie to complete the look.

These Pajamas With Tiny Pups And Puns

Puns, pups, and celebrating Hanukkah with a comfy pair of pajamas ($68, Bloomingdale's)? It truly doesn't get better. This set really thinks of everything, as it features witty phrases like, "You had me at shalom," and, "Oy to the world!" Roll up one of your sleeves while on Zoom to show off your spirit for the holiday.

These Pajamas That You Can Personalize

If you're hoping to get everyone in your family to wear a pair of Hanukkah pajamas ($36, Etsy), look no further than these that can be personalized with your family name. They come with a T-shirt that has gnomes on it, and a black and blue plaid pair of pants. Sizes range from newborn to adult 3XL, so everyone can get involved in the fun.

This Sweatshirt That Celebrates Multiple Holidays

Those who prefer to wear shorts and a cozy sweatshirt ($34, Etsy) to bed will adore this crewneck that celebrates multiple holidays. On the front, it shows Santa holding up a menorah and a plate of food. It comes in colors like white, pink, navy, and black, so you can purchase whatever matches best with your fave pajama pants.

This Pajama Shirt That's Very 2020

You may be celebrating Hanukkah with your family on Zoom, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This pajama shirt ($15, Etsy) gets it, and will remind your family to wear their masks whenever they go out in public or aren't able to social distance. In the spirit of the holiday, it also makes sure your family members have their latkes, dreidels, and menorahs nearby.