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These DIY Christmas Gift Ideas Will Make You The Coolest Gift Giver Ever

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There's a special charm that comes with a handmade gift. It's born of love and creativity, topped with a special bow that says, "I took extra time and care to make this just for you." Any of these DIY Christmas gift ideas will have all your loved ones telling you that all they want for Christmas next year is another handcrafted original.

If you're worried about your not-so-crafty fingers, don't be. Many of these DIY Christmas gifts don't require a background in arts and crafts. All you need are a few affordable supplies, some time, and, of course, a merry spirit. You can create the perfect Christmas craft night by turning on your virtual fireplace, singing along to the queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, and sipping a hot chocolate bomb.

These DIYs are especially great for those who have extra time this year to make fun gifts rather than shopping for them. You can get crafty with your budget-friendly gift options by making luxurious presents that the fam will actually use, from monogramed cutting boards to faux ceramics.

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A Monogramed Charcuterie Board

Since holiday charcuterie boards are all the rage this year, a custom cutting board is the perfect way to make your friend's next TikTok a viral treat. You can pick up an 8-inch wood board ($4, Etsy) in the shape of your choice, stickers ($2, Etsy), and a scorch marker ($10, Amazon) to style the board to your heart's desire or engrave your love letter to a special someone.

Spotify Plaques

You and your SO have a song. You know, it's that song that makes you think of each other, the one you listen to together as your all-around jam.

With this DIY project, you can gift your partner something unique to your love with a glass plaque to encapsulate your memories. It's as simple as printing the album on sticker paper ($9, Amazon) and pasting it onto an empty picture frame.

Faux Ceramics

If you love to scroll endlessly for home decor Instagram ideas, you've probably seen these ceramic vases popping up on many influencers' feeds.

While these vases can easily go for over $100, you can recreate them for as a little as $30. First, grab an empty jar, wine bottle, or thrift around for some cheap vases. Then, take out your baking soda and paint ($4, Home Depot) to decorate the perfect present.

Custom Keychains

The key to a great gift is gifting something that'll actually be used, which makes these custom chains a perfect gift for your loved ones. You can make little charms of their favorite foods or the calendar date of the day your fateful meeting to gift them something they can't buy anywhere else.

By using shrink plastic ($9, Amazon), resin ($13, Etsy), or nail polish remover, and a loop for your keychain ($9, Amazon), you can build the cutest good luck charms to wish the happiest of holidays to your inner circle.

A Tote Bag

You can design the perfect everyday tote or shopping bag with as few as two essentials: a canvas tote bag ($8, Amazon) and transfer paper ($7, Photo Paper Direct). Capture your loved one's favorite quote from their go-to show or one of their famous one liners to make their next staple accessory as useful as it is unique.

Celestial Hair Pins And Charms

Your twin flame will love these celestial gift ideas that can be customized to their birth chart. Create pendants for your Virgo bestie or Libra parent out of polymer clay ($11, Amazon) and bobby pins ($7, Amazon). Or, DIY a cosmically cute hair clip to perfect their next outfit.

Aesthetic Phone Cases

No mirror selfie is complete without a matching phone case, and what's cooler than having a totally customized phone case? You can create them with by using a bit of leftover paint or nail polish on hand, printing some favorite tweets or celebrity crushes, or by pressing some flowers. Start with a clear phone case ($4, Walmart) and let your imagination run wild.

Fancy Face Masks

A custom face mask is the perfect thing to make for your friend's unique style. Use leftover pieces of fabric from T-shirts you no longer need to create your own from scratch, or pick up a blank mask ($10, Etsy) to customize. Make the mask unique with long strings for flair and pastel colors for a cottagecore vibe.

There's no need for a sewing machine. A simple embroidery kit ($12, Etsy) is an easy way to create a pattern for your bestie's new fashionable face mask.

Faux Leather Pouches

Tell your friend to gather their spare change, because this faux leather pouch is perfect for storing tiny trinkets that get constantly lost inside purses or for keeping small jewelry safe. Fear not, because there is no sewing involved. Instead, you can pick up faux leather material ($15, Amazon), a downloadable template for the pouch, paint markers ($11, Amazon) and a spare button to sign, seal, and deliver your next gift.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

You'll need to head to the kitchen for these handmade sugar scrubs. If you have some empty mason jars, this is a great way to give them a new home by creating a relaxing and festive exfoliant for a loved one.

Many of these ingredients you probably already have at home, such as sugar (Duh.), honey, and coconut oil. To give the scrub its Christmas spin, pick up some Vitamin E oil ($7, Etsy) and peppermint essential oil ($6, Etsy).