A cozy winter cottage isn't complete without lots of pillows, warm tones, and a connection to nature
These Cottagecore DIY Projects For The Holidays Will Make Being Home Cozy & Fun

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If the usual holiday fan fare of fairy lights, sherpa, and flannel isn't your type of decor, fear not. These Cottagecore DIY projects for the holidays will warm your heart and home during this very festive time of year. That way, when you're re-watching Love Actually for the hundredth time, you'll be happily nestled into the winter oasis of your dreams.

The holiday season has a way of making you feel grounded, and adding cottagecore decor into the mix will take that to the next level. Instead of the traditional berry and pine, consider decking your halls with garlands of dried orange slices and bounds of eucalyptus wreath. Or, invite the great outdoors inside with ornamental pinecones and essential oil candles. Not only will your space look and feel cozy AF, but it'll also be filled with relaxing aromas that'll help you unwind.

While you lounge in your cottagecore-inspired home, you'll be happy to admire all of the crafts you made with love. Making your own holiday decor also means you don't have to bust your wallet since so many ingredients can be found right in your home. It's a great excuse to gather the roomies and crack open a bottle of wine for a Christmas snap on the 'gram of your decorating night. Don't worry, cottage cuties, because your home will be the talk of the village with any of these DIY projects.

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A Garland Of Dried Oranges

Have an abundance of oranges? Now's a great time to put them to good use for this sweet DIY project. This garland that's made of dried oranges, wood beads, and Christmas stems will freshen and brighten up a window ledge with an added pop of color and tartness.

Festive And Fresh Eucalyptus Wreaths

No cottagecore vibe is complete without a cozy and welcoming wreath. All you need in order to bring this festive craft to life is an 18-inch wire frame ($15, Amazon) and some eucalyptus. (Bonus points for using some of that leftover dried orange from the previous tutorial to spruce this wreath up)

If you want to keep things casual, you can build a minimalist wreath using eucalyptus from a local grocer or order a bundle online ($12, Hobby Lobby). Vlogger Joy Sandifer made hers for less than $10, which is a true Christmas miracle.

A Sweet Gingerbread Cottage

Let the festive aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg flow through your space by having an adorable gingerbread cottage on display. Whether you're building your cottage from scratch or using something like the Williams Sonoma's gorgeous gingerbread kit ($30, Williams Sonoma), let this tutorial serve as your inspo. You'll have a decorative and delicious centerpiece for your kitchen table in just about no time.

An Assortment Of Holiday Candles

Fill your empty mason jars with some soy wax ($17, Candle Science) and essential oils to pepper your home with soothing scents and warm mood lighting. This DIY peppermint candle tutorial gives your leftover mason jars new life.

Pinecone Ornaments

Give your tree that rustic look with some glitter dusted pinecones. Step outside and collect some from the ground or order them online ($6, Michaels) to bring nature into your space. You'll also need a hot glue gun ($3, Michaels) and some twine ($2, Michaels) to complete this craft.

Paper Snowflakes

Cue the nostalgia and throw it back to those early craft days with these cute paper snowflakes. These intricate snowflakes will show off your skills as a cottage crafter and they're perfect to adorn all your window panes.

Twig Stars

After your morning walk, pick up some twigs on your way home to make star ornaments. You can even string up a bunch of twig stars to create a waterfall of natural stars that could be hung from your ceiling or wall. All you need are twigs and twine.

A Bread Wreath

A cottage needs coziness, and this easy vegan bread recipe is here to provide that and more with its delicious aroma. The added sprigs of rosemary give the wreath earthy, light flavors. The only question: Will you eat it or hang it up?

Scandinavian-Inspired Wall Pieces

Clear the walls, because this decor is here to make a statement in the name of the season. This Scandinavian-inspired wall piece embraces a clean and natural look with its dried fruit, twigs, and boughs of everything green.

Chai, Chai, Chai

Chai has a delicious tea blend of aromatic spices, and it can really be enjoyed year-round. Christmastime, however, is the coziest time to enjoy the aroma of cardamom simmering. For a mouthful of flavor, use the Masala Chai tea packets ($5, Tea India) and some cinnamon sticks ($10, Amazon). After a night of crafting, this nice warm sip of chai will be well deserved.