A holiday cheese board is placed on a table next to red wine and a turkey.
These Christmas Cheese Board Ideas Are Fa La La La Fantastic

Koki Iino/MIXA/Getty Images

It's never a cheesy idea to kick off the holidays with a festive cheese spread. Nowadays, charcuterie boards are more than just a place for displaying various meats, cheeses, and spreads; they're a way for you to flex your Insta-worthy foodie muscles. With the holiday season upon us, you'll need some Christmas cheese board ideas to impress your tastebuds and your followers.

Every board needs a quality assortment of snacks. For Christmas, you might want to stick to a red and green color palette when choosing your veggies. For example, you can put together a small bowl of green olives and place it next to a bunch of red peppers for a holly jolly feel. You can also decorate your setup with garland like you would the mantel over your fireplace. Incorporate the tastes of the season with a cranberry spread that'll be spectacular on brie cheese.

Put together a Christmas-themed board before you enjoy holiday dinner with your family or housemates. Just remember take a picture before you dig in. You'll want the perfect photo to post on Instagram with a gouda Christmas pun caption.

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Start Off With A Festive Holiday-Shaped Board

Having a festive base for your cheeses and meats is everything. Since the holidays are all about spreading festive cheer, choose a whimsical board in a fun shape, such as a Christmas tree ($49, Macy's). You could also use a round board ($21, Target) for the base and make a Christmas wreath design with green veggies all around.

Add Garland In And Around Your Board

To create a holiday wreath vibe, add pine garland ($3, Michaels) around the perimeter of your board. The key to a picture-perfect setup is filling in every gap. To ensure you have zero empty space, cut up mini pieces of garland ($16, Michaels) to fill in those areas.

Have This Cranberry Relish On The Board

It just wouldn't be Christmas without cranberry sauce. Make sure you have the red to your garland green by adding cranberry into the cheese board mix. Do so by choosing a delicious cranberry relish ($7, Harry & David) or cranberry crackers ($9, Mouth).

Include A Peppermint Mocha Spread

Another seasonal favorite to add to your board is peppermint. If you love peppermint hot chocolate, your tastebuds will fall in love with this Peppermint Mocha Honey Cream Spread ($10, Bumbleberry Farms). In addition to Christmas cheese boards, hot chocolate charcuterie boards are also a trend this year. Consider mixing up your savory cheeses with some sweet snacks by having this peppermint spread and snowman marshmallows ($15, Williams Sonoma).

Have A Good Mix Of Red And Green Fruits And Veggies

Since red and green are the colors of the season, you'll want that reflected in your fruit and veggie choices. Both peppers and apples are great choices to include. You can also get a bowl of stuffed olives ($3, DeLallo).

Label Your Cheeses With Punny Signs

When it comes to getting creative with labeling your cheeses, these markers are too cute to pass up on. If you're feeling extra creative, come up with punny labels like "have a gouda Christmas" for the gouda and "brie merry and bright" for the brie.

Make Your Board Extra Merry And Bright With Star Fruit

If you're going for the Christmas tree board design, you'll need a star to top it off. Star fruit is the perfect edible choice. Cut up some fresh pieces to add to the top, or sprinkle dried star fruit all over ($8, Bee Fruity & Nutty).

Add Some Gingersnaps To The Festive Mix

Another way to add seasonal taste to your board is with gingersnaps ($12, World Market). They'll give you that gingerbread taste you know and love. You could also add some adorable mini gingerbread men all over your board for that "awww" factor as well ($5, Walkers Shortbread).