7 Homemade Gifts Your Partner Will Be Amazed You Made Yourself

by Jamie Kravitz

I've celebrated my fair share of holidays while in relationships, mostly during college. Since the little money I did have was spent on bus or train tickets to actually be with the person for Christmas/Hanukkah, I needed to get crafty when it came to gift-giving. Luckily I'm always up for a Pinterest challenge. Here are seven DIY gifts for your partner, because anyone can buy presents from the store. Instead, show how much you care by taking the time to make a gift for your partner this year. I've tried a few of these projects below, and the others come courtesy of those more talented than I.

If you're worried about your handiwork feeling inferior to something shiny and store-bought, you can always make a pact with your partner. Decide that you'll both get creative when it comes to holiday gifts, and set a maximum spending limit (art supplies don't come cheap!) that you can both agree to. Not only is this an ideal way to save money, it also guarantees you'll be giving your partner something they don't already have. So skip the holiday lines and give a gift that comes from the heart.

1. For The Game Of Thrones Geek

If you were able to get through seven seasons of Game of Thrones, you probably possess the patience to make this equally epic Iron Throne phone charger for your significant other. Consider it a back-up plan... you know, just in case you can't get any dragonglass this close to Christmas.

2. For The Sentimental Sweetie

Because I'm adorable (read: cheesy), I actually made these "52 Reasons Why I Love You" cards for my college boyfriend one year. It was time-consuming, but his reaction to the finished product made my efforts totally worth it.

3. For The Cutie Who Can Never Find Their Keys

This Lego key holder DIY is so simple, but also kind of life-changing. No more missing the previews or having to reschedule a dinner reservation because your partner misplaced their keys = a gift that keeps you both happy.

4. For The S.O. That Needs To De-Stress

Why spend money on a fancy zen garden when you can make an even better one yourself? This thoughtful DIY is perfect for the partner who spends too much time at their desk. If they're working late, at least they'll be thinking of you.

5. For The Bartender Bae

Molly Madfis for Sugar & Cloth

This project from Sugar & Cloth is the ideal gift to give your partner for the holidays. These DIY leather bar tags will make tending bar easy and elegant — meaning you can stylishly sip away at your next get-together (while you watch the Insta likes roll in).

6. For The Partier On The Go

If you're comfortable using power tools, definitely consider making this DIY beer caddy for your partner. It's portable perfection that will make everyone at the tailgate envious.

7. For The Aspiring Author

A book safe is a unique gift for someone who loves to read (and maybe has things to hide). I've given this gift to a past boyfriend, though to be completely honest I just bought it from Etsy. It is simple enough to do yourself, though, if you have the time and can get ahold of the materials.

You can't go wrong with any of these DIY gifts. Your partner will be impressed, so don't be surprised if they ask you to make rather than buy all their presents in the future.

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