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These Boo Basket Ideas For Your Boo Are Sweet & Spooky Surprises

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Halloween is kind of you and your partner's thing. Every year, you get dressed up in matching costumes, decorate your home with bats and ghosts, and share kisses in pumpkin patches. But, this year, you want to go all-out with celebrating the season and make your partner a boo basket that'll really give them pumpkin to talk about. Lucky for you, these boo basket ideas for your partner will be a perfect fit, and score that spook-tacular reaction.

You know what reaction we're talking about, right? It's the one that Ben makes when Leslie gets him an awesome gift in Parks & Recreation, or a sweet giggle and smile that lets you know that your boo feels loved. You, in turn, will get a rush of butterflies in your stomach and may even get some happy tears. When it comes to these baskets, you may get excited about all the things you get to do with your partner now, since many of them include a follow-up activity or an item you can use on a date night.

To decide which basket would be the perfect fit for your partner, simply think about their personality or the conversations you've had lately. You may notice that they've mentioned having breakfast in bed, or going for a fall hike. Of course, you can always mix-and-match the items from the boo baskets below to make your own. Either way, your partner is bound to be happily spooked.

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The Date Night Basket

The first of these baskets is all about setting you and your boo up for the best date night. It includes dark chocolate bars ($2,, ombre stemless wine glasses ($28,, and a lavender spa kit ($85, You can add a DVD version of your love's favorite movie to this boo basket, along with a recipe for you to cook together.

The Breakfast In Bed Basket

Do you and your partner love snuggling up in bed or trying out new breakfast spots? If so, gift them this tasty basket and then use the items within it to make a meal together.

First, pick out a morning to use this super adorable mini waffle maker ($18, Then, set the table on that morning with these engraved spoons ($18, and Insta-worthy mugs ($29, Toss in a bottle of the syrup your boo likes, as well as some powdered sugar to really round out this gift.

The Outdoor Lovers Basket

Outdoorsy couples will both get something amazing out of the "Outdoor Lovers" basket. It's jam-packed with essentials for fall hikes like a water bottle ($35, that'll actually keep your water chilled, a bag of sprouted pumpkin seeds ($14,, and a pink crewneck sweatshirt ($45, Toss a yellow beanie ($30, into this basket for some extra comfort on the go.

The Couple's Halloween Basket

You may have already figured out your Halloween costume with your SO. But, if you haven't yet, consider putting a couple's costume in your basket. This may include a Darth Vader or Princess Leia outfit ($50,, or a cute cowboy hat ($58, Add in a pack of pumpkin spice cookies ($15, as well as a Hocus Pocus board game ($20, to show your boo a ghoul time.

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