A young woman with short hair sits with her husky while on a fall hike at sunset.
Snap These Paw-fect Pics On Your Fall Hike With Your Pup For Smiles & Sweetness

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Fall hikes are upon us, and your dog's sitting at the door ready to go. Once they see your sneakers disappear from the doormat and the car keys jingling in your hand, they instantly know what's up. For both of your sakes, don't waste another second hopping in the car because you'll want to catch the foliage when it's at its most vibrant and grab these pictures to take on your fall hike with your dog.

It'll likely take some time to grab one of these sweet selfies. Your pup may get distracted by other dogs walking by with their hoomans, or you may spot a better view to have in the background. Trying to get your hiking bud to look at the camera by coaching them with treats will be part of the fun, though. It'll add to the other challenges you've conquered during your adventure, such as steep hills or a granola bar wrapper that just wouldn't tear.

When you're looking back on the photos, you'll be reminded of the sweet or silly moment that came with it. The best photos come with a story, and a pup like yours is likely always ready to rush outside and make some new mems. Take one of these eight pics on your fall hike with your dog, and you'll leave the experience with stories, smiles, and selfies.

The "Lead The Way" Picture
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The first of these pictures lets your dog lead the way. It should be taken from your perspective, and show the end of the leash in your hand. It should also be a sweet representation of their spirit for exploring and sniffing out critters along the trail.

Take it at a time when the foliage is bright and your pup is checking out the leaves. You can even pretend you're taking one of those pictures that couples do when they're on trips, where they're leading each other to new sites and mems.

The "Stepping On Crunchy Leaves" Picture

One of the most satisfying experiences of fall is stepping on the crunchy leaves that have already fallen on the ground. You and your pup are bound to come across a bunch of them, so take this picture during your hike. Put your sneaker over the tip of a crisp leaf, and coach your pup to do the same with a paw, fairly close to yours. Take a picture from above and see how many comments you get saying, "Aww, how cute!"

The "Happy To Be Hiking" Picture

Your pup is probably happy to go on any adventure with you. But, a fall hike is when they really peak. Capture their happiness and oh-so-cute bliss when you're taking a water break. Set up a tripod close to the ground and pose with your dog, or snap a selfie as you both smile big and wide. The result will be a pic you'll want to frame seconds after getting home and taking off your shoes.

The "Can You Be-Leaf It's Fall?" Picture
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It's kind of hard to be-leaf it when fall hits. But, the leaves don't lie and should make an appearance in your fall hike photoshoot with your dog. To create this pic on your own, ask your pooch to patiently sit while you place a bright yellow leaf on top of their head or nose. Snap your pic immediately and then give them a treat for being such a good boy.

The "Grabbing A Quick Snack" Picture

Stopping for snacks is an essential part of any hike. That's why you likely pack your pup some food and water, along with a granola bar or bag of trail mix for yourself. Toss your dog a treat while they sit amongst the fall leaves. Take a picture of them going for the snack and licking a spoonful of peanut butter off your hand for an action-packed addition to your IG feed.

The "Paws And Look At The Views" Picture

Throughout your fall hikes, you always come across new views. There are typically several outlooks to check out before even reaching the top of the mountain.

For this picture idea, set up your tripod and camera so it's facing out at the view, and then stand with your pup in the middle of it. Look out at the sky as the self-timer snaps a paw-fect moment of the two of you.

The "High Fives And Altitudes" Picture

Reaching the top of a mountain is hard work, so it's only right that you celebrate with your pup and take this picture. Like a few of these other picture ideas, set up a tripod for this one so you can fully be present in the moment. Let your camera snap a pic as you give your dog a high-five with the expansive view of a New England landscape or dreamy national park right in the background.

The "Made A New Friend" Picture
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You're bound to run into another pup who's hiking with their pawrent, or a happy bird who's not intimidated by your German shepherd at all. Snap a pic of those exciting friendships, and then tell your friends the story of how you ran into your cousin, another big fan of corgis, or a squirrel on your fall hike with your dog.