21 Captions For Top Of Mountain Pics Where The #Views Are Great

This fall, you may be doing a lot of hiking so you can see the leaves in all their vibrant beauty. You may be taking on summits in your favorite pair of sneakers, and snapping selfies that require some clever captions for top of mountain pics.

They're far from your average post on social media of the pumpkins on your front step or the steaming latte in your hand. These pictures will likely feature beautiful #views, beaming smiles from you and your adventure buddy, and hills that stretch for miles and miles. They may have signs that read the altitude where you stand, or interesting wildlife in the background. They show your followers you're living your #bestlife and following your wanderlust into the great outdoors.

To be honest, they make a fellow adventurer like myself incredibly proud. I love seeing these photos on my feed. Like the people who have embraced living in a van, and are exploring national parks on the reg and driving miles on a single highway, or the travel bloggers and content creators who are sharing their journeys on social media on the regular, these posts inspire me to continue seeing the world.

I mean, the planet is massive and has so much to offer. And each peak is just one panoramic view that'll totally take your breath away. So this fall I hope you're hiking and reaching mountaintops as much as possible — not just so you can use these 21 captions for Instagram, but so you can continue to experience adventure at its best, or should I say, at its peak.


1. "Are we at the top of the mountain yet?"

2. "I think we just peaked."

3. "That girl, she's going to move mountains."

4. "Change your altitude every once in a while."

5. "Taking life one climb at a time."

6. "I love my best friends to the top of the mountains and back."

7. "Getting used to these epic #views."

8. "So this is what the world looks like from above."

9. "I've never met a mountain view I didn't like."

10. "Never miss a moment in the mountains."

11. "Less talking, more looking at the views."

12. "There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this."

13. "I'm exhausted, but it was worth it for this view."

14. "On top of mountains, under beautiful skies."

15. "Always take the scenic route."

16. "This was, without a doubt, an adventure."

17. "Top of the mountain to ya."

18. "Destination: found."

19. "Take a peak."

20. "Gone explorin' in the mountains."

21. "My favorite color is sunset."

Did you find a few captions that'll work for your travels and amazing experiences this fall? I sure hope so, because your hiking trips have just begun. Over the course of the next few months, you may explore a bunch of waterfalls and the underrated spots in New England. Save me a spot in the car. I want to come, too.